Best Cheap Hidden/Spy Cameras on Aliexpress

The hidden cameras have found great application in the recent past and the fields of their application are expanding with each passing day. May it be for monitoring purposes or for spying purposes, hidden cameras have risen to be one of the most essential tamagotchis. However, not all are willing to invest a large sum for these devices. Hence, the following section gives the details of some hidden cameras that are available at great prices on Aliexpress.

Top 5 Best Cheap Wireless Spy Camera


sq11 spy camera wireless Product – AUTOLOVER SQ11 HD 1080P Mini Camera DVR Hidden Dash Cam Night Vision Camcorder Action Camera DV Video Recorder

The camera is available for about 12 dollars and is one of the best-selling products in its category. The camera is packed in a 22mm cubic body and is powered up by a 200 mAh juice pack. The camera supports recording of 30 mins with 720p quality and 10 mins with 1080p video quality. The tiny body of the camera makes it highly convenient to hide it anywhere. The camera comes with a power button and a mode changing button along with a mini USB port and card slot. Reviews suggest that the video recording is of decent quality but this is justified when the pricing is taken into consideration.

2. C1 mini hidden camera USD$35

c1 spy mini camera Product – Original Mini Camerea C1 WIFI P2P IP Mini Camera Multipurpose Body Worn Camera HD 720P H.264 Micro Camera DVR Action Camera
The camera is priced at around 37 dollars and comes in the dimensions of 4*4*1.5 mm. the battery pack used in the camera is of 600 mAh and supports long duration video recordings ranging up to 2 hours. The camera does not have an in-built memory and the user needs to use a SD card for recording purposes. The camera can also be used for live-monitoring purposes and this can be done by connecting the camera ton the Wi-Fi network. One of the major drawbacks of this camera is its lower recording quality and it also lacks the night vision recording feature as well.

3.Round Mini Camcorder 1080P Wide Angle 150 Degree Invisible Video Recording Wireless Camera USD$58

smallest wireless spy camera CHINA Product – HDQ15 Wifi 1080P 2 Million Pixels 150 Wide Angle Round Mini Camera Video Recording APP Power Display Motion Detection
The camera is priced at around 89 dollars and comes with the dimensions of 4.5*4.5*2.1 cm. The camera lens is prominent and it is highly convenient to hide the camera anywhere. Some of the features of this camera include motion detection, night vision, 1080p video recording, sound recording, real time recording etc. The device runs on a Huawei chipset and supports 128 GB SD card. It comes with a 1600 mAh battery pack which enables video recording up to 5 hours continuously. The camera can also record videos up to 1080p quality in both daylight and night time. A lot of features of the camera can be unleashed with the multi-functional application of the camera.


car camera small Product – 2 In 1 4.3″ TFT LCD Color Display Monitor+Car Parking Waterproof Rearview Camera
This camera is priced at around 16 dollars and comes with an optional cable of length 10m with an WiFi ejector with ranges up to 30 m. the camera is surrounded by LED bulbs whose brightness can be controlled by the user. The multi-functional app of the camera is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It is powered by a 750 mAh battery which can continuously record for 110 minutes. It is one of the best waterproofing cameras one can get.


mini spy camera aliexpress Product – Wifi P2P IP Mini Camera Camsoy C1 720P HD Body Camera Wearable Motion Detection Action Camera Mini DV DVR Camera Voice Recorder
This camera is priced somewhere between 304 to 50$ and sports the best in class recording quality. Although sized a bit larger as compared to a pen, the device lives up to what is made for. It has a 550 mAh battery pack which enables 60 minutes of non stop video recording of 2.4K quality. It supports 64 GB memory card and can also be used as a voice recorder only. The C181 version supports recording up to 1080p quality while the C18 version supports recording up to 2.4K quality.

These are some of the best hidden camera models with cheap pricing available on Aliexpress. Choose one with the features that fit your requirements and the budget.

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