Buying Replica or Fake Apple Air Pods from Aliexpress China

apple airpods from aliexpress china

Future is here, have you heard of Air pods? A new product for all the music lovers which is not only trending but sweeping the whole digital market. It’s a new gadget for people who love music at the high base and high pitch. Air pod is a gadget which is a wireless earphone and gives us a whole new experience of quality music and voice clarity. Nowadays new phones in the market don’t have jack stick like iPhone 7, so the use of wireless gadgets for phones are increasing and obviously why to face the burden of tangled wires if you can have fancy looking wireless gadgets. And it’s not far when every other mobile brand companies will follow the trend and launch their own products. As for now, Apple has launched a new product called AIRPOD as a wireless earphone. But the rate of this air pod is very high approximately half of the rate of new iPhone causing heavy load on the pocket for normal working class people. So Aliexpress provides you cheap and affordable fake air pods from China.

Below are some good finds on where to buy fake airpods

Fake Airpods VS Real


AUTHENTIC APPLE AIR PODS ($194) Product – Apple Airpods – White Genuine Airpod Sealed New Retail Box Bluetooth Connect.Support iPhone iPad iPod Mac and Apple Watch


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Zomoea Bluetooth Replicated Earbud for $11.62 Product – Subwoofer Stereo Bluetooth 4.2 TWS Headset Earphone Headphone BT4.1 Wireless Handfree Earbuds Universal for 99% Phone


Good Quality Dacom Wireless Ear Buds for $42.50 Product – Dacom 7s Ear Buds True Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Headset Stereo TWS Earphone For iPhone 7 Twins Headphone for Smartphones Earbuds

Dacom Most Popular Cordless Earbuds Hidden for $11.19 Product – Dacom K8 tws airpods black earpiece earbuds wireless headset mono or stereo bluetooth earphone for mobile phone

Airpods Clone Buy

Apple manufactures most of his gadgets in China because the manufacturing of electronic gadgets is very cheap. Because of this Apple makes a huge profit. Aliexpress provides as the alternate for Apple air pods at very less price. Quality given by Aliexpress from China is as good as that of Apple Air pods the only difference is a brand name.

The Review of the Merits of Aliexpress’s Fake Air Pods from China are:

1.    They are cheap,

2.    They are affordable,

3.    Human psychology is to experience new things, and after few months we will try some other gadgets similar to this one so why not to buy a new one which is cheap and put no load on our pocket.

4.    Moreover, the chances of getting damaged are also reduced as there is no wire tangling around our neck and body.

You can solve the dangling problem by… Product – For Apple Airpods Headphones Anti Lost Strap Loop String Rope for Air Pods Bluetooth Earphone Silicone Cable Cord Accessories

OR you can purchase a protective cover box for APPLE AIRPODS here… Product – For Apple AirPods Case Silicone Shock Proof Protector Sleeve Skin Cover for AirPods True Wireless Earphone


The only one demerit is that the brand name as Apple is not associated with this gadgets.

As our technology is continuously booming, surely, in times to come, new gadgets will be there in the market. And if you are looking for a quality product at a reasonable price Aliexpress gives that surety that the product provided by them are same as that of Apple air pods. Moreover, Apple is misusing its brand name and making a huge profit. They are selling a 5$ air pods at a rate of 159$. Making a profit of 154$ on one product and extracting huge money from our pocket. The manufacturing cost is very less approximately close to zero in China.

Aliexpress provides a different option on their air pods like one is a replica of original and other one is the original. Aliexpress provides original air pods at 50$ and replica of original at10-20$. So, isn’t it under your budget?  Aliexpress can provide original products at such cheap rate because they buy second sorting air pods from the owner.

So experience the sound of original air pods at very less and affordable rate, and before buying air pods, you must check the rating and reviews which will give you a clear idea about the quality.

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Review of the Airpod Replica
  • Durability
  • Price
  • Design
  • Sound quality

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