Guide to Buying Jewelry on Aliexpress 2020

by Spiddy Tan

aliexpress jewelry review

Jewelry is a woman’s obsession that can amp up the look of any outfit. Whether you want to layer it up or add in a statement piece, jewelry is what can help you achieve your fashion dreams. Teenagers take their fashion seriously; the jewelry items that they get should, therefore, reflect and complement their personality.

I have always loved jewelry; it is an essential part of my outfit. It helps me complete any look with minimal effort. Just layer up the pieces that go with the outfit and rock the day!

If you want to find some of the most fabulous pieces of jewelry, look no further than my trusted AliExpress. It is one of the biggest e-commerce websites with many jewelry brands. There are brands for every budget and every type of needs that you may have. Browse through their extensive range of jewelry that is perfect for teenage girls to layer with their outfits.

popular jewelry trending on aliexpress

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Review of Aliexpress Jewelry Sellers

#1 – KissWife

KissWife has been selling on AliExpress since 2014 and has become one of the most trusted sellers on the platform. It has positive feedback of 94.3 percent.

KissWife has such an extensive range of trendy and chic pendants, earrings, rings, as well as anklets. They have high-quality jewelry at super affordable prices, letting you splurge without burning a hole in your pocket.

aliexpress jewelry

I would recommend getting their layered pendant necklaces and their earrings. They have a boho theme running around that makes these pieces look stunning and inviting. The earrings and necklaces are great to make a statement without being too over the top. You could also choose from their wide range of earrings sets that come in so many different designs and patterns.

best aliexpress jewelry
affordable jewelry and accessories aliexpress

Whether you are looking for a statement bracelet or a layered necklace for your signature style, you are sure to find them at this store.

You can visit the store here.


Although INZATT opened only recently in 2018, it has garnered 98.1 percent positive feedback from its customers. It is one of the top brands of AliExpress catering to all your jewelry needs.

trusted jewelry store aliexpress

I love this store for its beautiful and exquisite crystal jewelry. The pendants with clear and gorgeous crystals are my absolute favorites. If you plan on getting one of their items with crystals, rest assured as they will not let you down. You will be dazzled by the beauty and charm of these jewelry items.

pendant aliexpress

Being so elegant and magnificent, the jewelry items, especially the ones with the pearls, are great for gifting.

The range of earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces for the budding fashionistas is gorgeous. They have so many varieties and designs that you are sure to find the pieces of your dream.

little accessories for outfits

Their earrings and necklaces with charms are an absolute delight for teenagers. They are chic and bring together the outfits without being too jazzy. You will find beautiful items to rock your school and college days.

You can visit the store here.


IPARAM has been on AliExpress for over five years now and has 95 percent positive reviews and feedback from its customers.

What I love the most about this store is that it provides marvelous jewelry at unbelievable prices. The jewelry items are intricately made with a lot of detailed work.

cheap fashion accessories aliexpress

There is a huge selection of magnificent earrings and studs that are dainty and tasteful. Their range of colorful bracelets is a must-have for teenagers. They are vivid and provide a fun twist to the look. I adore the layered charm pendants as well. These pendants look delicate and graceful, and they help amp up the look of your whole ensemble.

cheap necklaces aliexpress
cheap teenage jewelry aliexpress

Do not miss out on their 2020 latest collection to find the most amazing deals and discounts.

You can visit the store here.

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Cindy Xiang has positive feedback of 99 percent, making it one of the top brands on AliExpress. It has been selling its well-crafted and unique jewelry items for almost five years now.

I love this store for its quirky and distinctive items that help me create a statement look. Their animal-shaped brooches and fanciable resin earrings are my absolute favorites. These are the items that teenagers can use to add a style quotient to their outfit.

top seller for brooches aliexpress

You can use the beautiful brooches to spice up the look of a basic tee or sweater. You are sure to look quite classy while sporting these chic brooches. I love the quirky ones with rhinestones; these brooches upgrade the look so well and make any plain and basic tee look stunning.

brooches aliexpress

You can visit the store here.


Mengijiqiao has been giving us minimalistic yet elegant Korean fashion for eight years now. It has been operating in AliExpress since 2011 and has positive feedback of 97.3 percent.

top korean jewlery seller aliexpress
where to buy cheap korean jewelry

Korean fashion has taken the world by storm. People all around the world are getting fascinated and inspired by their fashion accessories. I am naturally inclined towards K-fashion and hence, I keep turning into this store for all my Korean fashion needs. The store has an extensive collection of dainty jewelry. These items do not overpower the look but bring out your best features with panache. I love the wide selection of irregular and elegantly designed studs and simple hoop earrings.

aliexpress korean jewelry
earrings aliexpress review

I love putting accessories on my hair, and Korean fashion is all about bringing out those hair accessories. Mix and match all the different styles and designs that you have to give your tresses a makeover. Mengijiqiao has a diverse range of hair accessories that add a great look to your hair. Get their range of fancy hair clips, elegant hairpins, and beautiful headbands for your lovely tresses.

korean jewelry aliexpress
top picks for korean accessories aliexpress

I love the hair clips with pears. They look so classy and elegant and look gorgeous on my hair.

You can visit the store here.


Miss Zoe is my favorite store from the list, and I would recommend it to all teenagers who want to add some quirk and twist to their fashion style.

miss zoe jewelry aliexpress

I cannot get over their extensive and diverse range of quirky and colorful brooches and bag pins, unique earrings, and lockets. My bags are over-decorated because I can never say no to the bag pins. They are so colorful and seem to have a story of their own.

perfect gift aliexpress
buying aliexpress jewelry

Miss Zoe also has vintage-looking lockets that I am sure many of you will love. There are also quirky lockets for you and your best friend. I, especially, love the cookie and milk/coffee lockets.

fashion accessories aliexpress

Whether you are looking for bracelets, pins, brooches, pendants, or earrings, you will find an out-of-the-world collection at Miss Zoe. All the items are available at unbelievable prices, which proves that fashion can be reasonable and light on the pockets.

You can visit the store here.

#7 – Red Herring

If you are all about the Boho vibes, Red Herring is the store for you. The store has been running successfully on AliExpress for eight years now. It has positive feedback of 98.8 percent, thanks to the high- quality items and services provided.

necklaces aliexpress

The whole store has a Bohemian vibe, which is perfect if you are into that trend and style. They have a lot of jewelry items with beads and tassels that can help you complete a look effortlessly.

jewelry for teenagers aliexpress

The rings and bracelets can help you create a signature look and leave a style statement. The items are a great gifting option as well. There are so many different ways in which you can style these pieces of Bohemian jewelry. The possibilities are endless. The wonderful and beautiful bracelets can help you create your signature look. The bracelets can be carried off well with tees and jeans as well as dresses.

best wrist bracelets aliexpress
earrings top aliexpress

You can try out their vividly colored bracelets to go with your outfit. A nice statement ring would also look great. Go through their diverse range of earrings to find pieces that you can wear on an everyday basis.

You can visit the store here.

Why buy Aliexpress Jewelry?

This ends our list of the most popular jewelry brands on AliExpress. I love the diverse and extensive range of items provided by all of these stores. Their collection ensures that you have something for every mood of yours. Whether you want something elegant or something fun and quirky, these stores are sure to have the items that you want.

Are you ready to rock those dainty jewelry items?

My favorite from the list is Miss Zoe. This store has some of the best fun pieces that help complete my look and reflect my passions and feelings. All the other stores are on my most-visited list as well. These places help me define my fashion statement in the most subtle and classy way possible.

What are you waiting for? Visit these stores today to get the best jewelry items at unbelievable prices. Invest in these fashion items and you are sure to rock every single day.

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