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by Tollo Francis

best xiaomi scooter

Since its formation back in 2010, Xiaomi has become one of the fastest-rising tech brands not only in China but worldwide. With their products rivaling Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and other tech behemoths, it appears clear that this brand intends to leave its mark on society. From time to time, Xiaomi launches innovative products that promote an enhanced and more sustainable lifestyle.

And today, this brand is venturing into one of the most overlooked sustainable markets –electric scooters! If you are thinking of getting one, then we will help you find out your best option.

We do have a review on what Xiaomi products to buy.

What Makes Xiaomi Scooters Better than Others?

Aside from the competitive product prices which Xiaomi is best known for, its series of futuristic and road-friendly scooters boast many interesting features. Here are some of the most lovable characteristics of Xiaomi scooters that would prompt you to buy one for yourself or your kids.

Xiaomi has forayed into numerous products making earphones, air purifiers, heaters among other tech gadgets. Now, they’ve gone a step further.

Xiaomi’s Electric Scooter is the latest Xiaomi product that has caught the attention of people all over the world.

What makes an electric scooter awesome is

  • It’s lesser effort than a bicycle
  • It’s also portable
  • It’s affordable!

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Xiaomi’s scooters are gaining dramatic traction for many reasons. They are suitable for children and adults alike. Furthermore, the scooters can cover short sprints and long distances with ease and convenience. There are adjustable speed functions that promote safety as well. However, it’s worth noting that users would be required to get a license in some areas. Make sure you know the rules and laws before getting one. 


Xiaomi’s scooters work on much less fuel compared to motorbikes and cars. However, they are equally functional, user-friendly, and roadworthy. In case you’re in a rush, you can easily access alternative roads or cramped spaces. You won’t also have trouble with parking as it takes less room compared to other vehicles. 


In just a decade, Xiaomi has managed to reach the marketplace where tech behemoths are reigning. From mobile phones to smart appliances and more, this brand is consistently showcasing that its products, which are by the way a lot cheaper than most of their counterparts, have what it takes to deliver function and value to every user out there. And of course, it isn’t achievable if their products are not competitive, right? 

Design and Function

Xiaomi is undoubtedly not the first brand to offer electric scooters. The company took advantage of technology and came up with more refined and elegant scooters out of aircraft-grade aluminum. Well, we know that most of the pioneer designs are bulky and made of plastic. But of course, aside from the enhanced appearance and futuristic vibe, Xiaomi’s scooters are also highly efficient. Most models can travel around 30kph on average. Imagine how energy-efficient these products are, not to mention the price!

What are the most-sought Xiaomi Scooters today?

Best Xiaomi Scooters on AliExpress

Best Price to Get (USD)

Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter


Xiaomi Mijia 1S Electric Scooter


Xiaomi Mijia Mi Electric Scooter


Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2


Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential


5 Best Xiaomi Scooters You Must Have Today

1. Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter

xiaomi m365 aliexpress

We can all agree that commuting to and from work is a daily hassle in today’s fast-paced society. Millions of people waste precious time in traffic every day, which can eventually lead to significant problems. If you struggle to arrive at work on time, then perhaps it’s time to reinvent the way you commute. And when it comes to that role, the Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter fits into the picture. 

This two-wheel vehicle from Xiaomi can cover up to 30-35Km in a single charge. With a speed of up to 32 Km/h, it can get you to your destination faster. It is powered by a 36 V, 10.4 AH battery, a motored-assisted 36 V, 350 W battery, and can conveniently carry up to 120 Kg of weight. And for your safety, it has a disk brake and an electric safety break. The control and adjustment features are designed to be user-friendly, and it is relatively easy and safe to use compared to other brands. Plus, its charging time is much faster. You just need 4-5 hours of charging, and the fun begins again!

Get this amazing scooter for only $302.20.

The Design

The Xiaomi Scooter has won numerous awards because of its design. It’s simple, sturdy and works. The foldable design gives it an added edge and lets you carry it anywhere. This is a big advantage.

The place where you stand is made out of rubber to give a solid grip. The chassis is made out of metal, which makes it super strong.

The one con of the metal chassis is the weight, it weighs around 12 kilos and it is difficult to lug around for a distance. So if you run out of battery and have some distance to cover, then you will be in a bit of a bother.

The deck height of the scooter is about 5 inches from the ground. This is a bit taller than normal, but also gives you better clearing abilities when you encounter bumps on the road.

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Out of the Box

Out of the box, there is a bit of assembling required, where you have to attach the top handlebar to the scooter. But this is easy to do and Xiaomi provides you with the screws and the screwdriver.


The Scooter also comes with a nifty light feature that works well in the night. It also has brake lights at the back, which keeps blinking or blinks when you press the brake. This is an important safety feature that will inform vehicles behind you.


Xiaomi’s Electric Scooter’s value come through in the app. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Here are some features of the app.

xiaomi electric scooter

Cruise Control

The cruise control feature is switched off by default, but when you enable it, you give your scooter the ability to go at a constant speed without having to push the accelerator.

This is great for covering distances and lets you focus on moving the scooter.

Lock Feature

You can also lock your scooter which will render it useless for any thieves. It can be stolen, but cannot be used without removing the software lock.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Your app controls the scooter with Bluetooth which is blazingly quick.


The app also gives you data regarding the speed you are going at, the average speed of your scooter and shows how much battery is left and also the mileage.

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Ships from China, Germany or US


The Xiaomi Electric Scooter can cover a distance of 25 kilometres in one charge which is one of the best among electric scooters. This let’s you cover a good distance and is a really valuable machine and not something that is just for fun.

The Eco Mode feature increases the range of your scooter by limiting your speed and acceleration. So if you see your battery running low, you can shift to the eco mode feature.

It’s pretty easy to enable, all you have to do is double tap the power button and a green light turns on that tells you that you are running on eco mode.


This is after all a vehicle and accidents are a possibility. The back brakes are disc brakes and the regen brake has a range of 13 feet. So from top speed to a complete halt happens in 13 feet.

The app also lets you control the power of your brakes, you can slow guide to a stop or you can choose the more powerful brake feature which stops your scooter swiftly. It’s all up to you.


The top speed for the Xiaomi Electric Scooter is around 25kmph which is pretty fast. What will take you 1 hour can be covered in just over 12 to 15 minutes with this scooter.

In the eco mode, the scooter travels at 18kmph, which is still pretty fast.


What seen as a bit of a downside is the charging time. It takes a total of 5 hours from zero to a complete charge. Which is not too shabby, as you can plug it overnight and be ready to use it the next day.

Xiaomi recommends you charge the scooter after you use it, every single time. This helps keep your battery levels to a safe level and avoid stoppages.

The Charging port is in the bottom covered with a rubber cap to protect against dust and other substances that can clog the port.


scooter tyres xiaomi

The tyres on the Xiaomi scooter are 8.5-inch pneumatic tyres. Although they are made out of rubber, they aren’t built for rough terrain, so make sure the paths are slightly smooth.

Bend your knees over rough terrain


The top riding panel can be folded and easily carried. It can’t be carried for long distances as it weighs quite a bit. But it can be easily stored in the boot of your car and can also be stored easily in a storage room.

Starting the Scooter

The scooter has a power button which acts as an instant start. Just like other scooters, you will have to give a gentle push when starting the scooter that is called a Kickoff. Once you kick off and press the throttle, the scooter does the rest.

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Front Hub Motor with a 500w Peak Power
250w rated motor
Maximum Torque – 16N.m
Wheel size – 8.5 inch
280WH battery
Adapter to increase the size

xiaomi scooter aliexpress

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Ships from China, Germany or US

2. Xiaomi Mijia 1S Electric Scooter

mijia 1s electric scooter aliexpress

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line folding electric scooter for adults, we would like to recommend you to try the Xiaomi Mijia 1S Electric Scooter. This fantastic product is a new addition to the world of electric folding scooters. It offers you an intuitive app that provides accurate riding statistics. Furthermore, it pairs easily via Bluetooth, allowing you to view the remaining battery power, your current speed, your riding habits, and other valuable road and travel information on your mobile. By the way, the four LED lights on the dash also indicate the remaining battery life. It is pretty thoughtful since no one wants to be caught with a dead battery.

With a 250W motor that provides up to 25Km/h speed, this electric scooter can carry up to 100 Kg. You can count on its double brake system that ensures safety while driving. Plus, you only need to charge this scooter for about 6-8 hours, and you can use it to your heart’s content every day! As for storage, you’ll love its quick-folding design, allowing you to carry or part it with convenience wherever you are.

Get this product for only $599.00!

3. Xiaomi Mijia Mi Electric Scooter

xiaomi electric scooter aliexpress

If you are looking for a powerful but lightweight scooter, you might want to check out the Xiaomi Mijia Mi Electric Scooter. In the past, it was pretty challenging to find a powerful electric scooter weighing under 20 kg. But thanks to Xiaomi, it is now possible. The company has redefined the specs and was able to come up with a lightweight product that can equally serve the function of bulky and heavier scooters. Well, would you believe that this Xiaomi Mijia Mi Electric Scooter is only 16 kg? What a realistic solution for ordinary commuters! 

This groundbreaking scooter comes with a 250W hub motor and 474Wh battery pack. It has more range and speed than its predecessors since it can spin at 28Km/h. The Lithium Polymer battery pack is arguably one of the unique aspects of this scooter since it enables you to go anyplace up to 45 kilometers on one charge. Furthermore, it has a dual-brake system –a mechanical drum brake and electrical regenerative braking, that ensures your safety even if you need to come to a sudden halt. 

Get this product for only $800.00.

4. Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2

xiaomi electric scooter pro 2 aliexpress

The traffic in modern society is becoming increasingly crowded, so many commuters hope to have a convenient transportation tool. Thanks to the inception of electric scooters, many of these commuting issues can now rest. So, if you’re currently searching the market because you also want one, perhaps you’d be interested in checking out the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2.

This user-friendly and versatile scooter boasts incredible specs. It can cover a good 25 kph at its top speed and enables you to travel to a maximum distance of 45 km. It’s also easy to bring it along since it weighs only 14.2 kg. You can set it up for a good run in a few seconds and fold it quickly when not in use. Furthermore, the Pro 2 features the most powerful motor for the Xiaomi scooter series –it boasts a battery power of 500W that can go up to 1000W at its peak.

What’s more, you can also change the 8.5-inch pneumatic tires of the Xiaomi Pro 2 as it comes with a spare. As for the aesthetic, you’ll surely appreciate its simple yet stylish appearance that can quickly grab the attention of others in the crowd. Furthermore, it’s easy to start, operate, and store. 

Get this product for only $748.75.

5. Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential

where to buy xiaomi scooter online

Electric scooters have truly arrived. They’re quick, simple, and well-suited for all types of users. Because of their expansion, they can now be found in most major cities. And undeniably, one of the electric scooters that are mostly recommended for its street-worthiness is the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential or the Lite version.

The Lite’s specs are up to industry standards. However, its design and function were developed with the beginner riders in mind. Its top speed only reaches 20 kph –still relatively fast but not lightning-quick. It also has a modest maximum range of 20 km, which is excellent for short-distance commutes around your neighborhood. What’s more, the Lite is also quite convenient as a last-mile scooter (meaning an e-scooter you use in conjunction with public transport) as it is lightweight at 12 kg and can be folded in just 3 seconds! 

Get this product for only $480.18!

Should you buy Xiaomi Electric Scooter?

This is more than a toy and is a feasible transport in an urban environment that literally has no cost apart from charging. This is perfect for short commutes to and fro the workplace and college.

For safety, it’s always recommended to wear a helmet, knee guards and elbow guards.

At this price point, this is one of the best electric scooters that one can buy. Check out the shipping box below. Safe shipping ensured. Just that you need to be aware of your customs taxes.

xiaomi scooter cheap price

Are Xiaomi Scooters the Future of More Sustainable Transportation?

Isn’t it great to live in a perfect world where we can walk and bike everywhere without relying on external sources of energy and fossil fuels? Unfortunately, this world only lives in our imagination. Or is it? Today, people are becoming more aware of saving the planet; perhaps this scenario isn’t just a distant dream anymore.

And when it comes to this mission, Xiaomi is more than willing to take its part –one proof is the release of its amazing eco-friendly scooters. They are topping the markets today and for all good reasons. Let’s check them out.


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