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Buying clothes on Aliexpress is a steal. The best tip to buy from a new store is to order 1-2 pieces to check out their sizings and quality. After you are comfortable and confident of their sizings, go ahead to order more. Have fun shopping, girls!

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No doubt Aliexpress is one of the best online stores in the world and the reason because of which it gained popularity is the availability of a wide range of options in clothing and accessories at reasonable prices. It is not easy to choose the good and reliable sellers. In this article, we bring the best clothing brands adored by the women.

We have been reviewing the feedbacks of some of the best clothing sellers on Aliexpress and here are our top choices.


Top Clothing Stores for Women on Aliepxress


    #1 – Shein

best women clothing store aliexpress

This fashion brand was started in the year 2008, and this brand provides fashionable clothes for women since it has begun selling clothes. The business of this store has spread worldwide, and you can get both cool and classy clothes at this store. Teenage girls and women both can get clothes at low prices.

Feedback of this store

shein aliexpress feedback

You can find the latest styles available on this store easily.

aliexpress women clothing

You can buy modern dresses from this store to look cool and sexy. Women across the world love boho dresses and graphic tees of this brand.

Check out this STORE.


  #2 – Ever Pretty

More than eight years, this brand has been ruling the hearts of ladies across the world. With a positive review of 98.6%, this brand is known to provide the best quality of stylish clothes for women.

girl clothing seller aliexpress

Women can get their choice of dresses at this store at discounts and affordable offers. The designs are manufactured by the company and sale prices of the clothes are affordable. They have a lot of PLUS size beautiful apparels.

Feedback of Ever Pretty 

feedback of ever pretty store

You will always look stylish after wearing the clothes of this brand. Many styles to go for…

Check the STORE out.


   #3 – Simplee Apparel

simplee apparel

This clothing store has got the feedback of 98.4% from the customers, and thus you can conclude the popularity of this brand.

feedback of simplee apparel

This store is there on Aliexpress for four years, and women love shopping for clothes like coats, dresses, jumpers, cardigans and many another type of dresses from this store.  

best chinese clothings aliexpress

The quality of the clothes can be found awesome if you will buy Simplee Apparel clothes because the company is paying attention to the quality instead of quantity. You can get the latest fashionable clothes on this vendor site.

Check the STORE out.


  #4 – Vadim

vadim clothing

On Vadim Official store, you can get all seasons of clothes for women easily. The fabric of these clothes are awesome and will perfectly suit every body type. You won’t get such awesome clothes at lower prices. This brand is working with Aliexpress for around six years and is loved by ladies a lot.

best prices for women clothing

With a positive review of 96..8%, this store has managed to rank among the top ten clothing brand on Aliexpress.

feedback of vadim store

You can get tops, jumpsuits, skirts, pants and various other types of clothing options at this store. You are never going to regret the decision of buying clothes from this clothing store.

Check it out.


   #5 – Sisjuly

sisjuly women clothing seller

Retro style never goes out of fashion, and if you are also one of the ladies who love it, then Sisjuly can allow you to get high quality of stylish clothes. You can get classic styles of all the past decades, and you will go to a particular historical decade after wearing these dresses.

clothing on aliexpress for ladies

You can buy jackets and tops along with one piece dresses from this store. This brand is continuously serving its customers for around two years with Aliexpress.

With a positive review of 95.6%, this brand ranks among one of the top brands of clothes on Aliexpress.

feedbaack of sisjuly

You can get huge discounts on clothes at this store, and you are definitely going to get the best quality of clothes from this trusted and well-known store.

Check the STORE out.



Maybe this brand is not too old in the market, but it has got the status of being a reliable and trusted brand. The sales in this store gain momentum every month and you can also enjoy purchasing attractive attires on it.

colrovie aliexpress

Whether you want to get off-shoulder one piece or one sleeve one piece, you can get all kind of designs at this store.

Feedback of vendor

feedback of colrovie store aliexpress

You can’t imagine the prices of these dress as you can purchase these clothing at unbelievable low prices.

clothing sellers for ladies trustworthy

Check the STORE out.


    #7 – ToYouth

toyouth store aliexpress

If you are looking for an attractive, colorful hoodie, then you can get a wide range of options To youth. Get shirts and jackets with astonishing styles which can never go out of fashion. As the brand sounds, this is one of the best teenage fashion store to go to.

teenage fashion trend for girls

The rating of this store is around 99.1%, and it is one of the best clothing store around on Aliexpress with the amount of good reviews.

feedback of toyouth clothes seller aliexpress

Customers love the low priced hoodies and shirts To youth which comes with high quality.

Check the STORE out.


   #8 – MIEGOFCE

On MIEGOFCE, you can get a wide range of puffer jackets in long size. With attractive colors and unique designs, these jackets are available at adorable prices.

jackets aliexpress for woman


feedbacks of jacket sellers aliexpress

The store also provides discounts and offers on these jackets from time to time. With a high percentage of prices, you can get these jackets in your budget.

Check the seller out.


  #9 – Gagaopt

Want to look sexier than ever? If yes, then Gagaopt has everything for you.  Whether you want to get one piece or swimsuits, this store has a wide range of quality options for you. You are never going to regret the decision of buying clothes from this store.

sexy ladies clothing aliexpress sexy women clothes

With a rating of 98.6%, this store has won the hearts of ladies out there who purchased sexy apparels.

You can also get variety in every type of clothing at this store, and you can take the chance on your own by checking awesome clothing on it.

Check the seller out.


   #10 – GareMay

Do you want to purchase attractive denim shorts with wonderful designs? If yes, then you can get it at GareMay at an affordable price. Get Embroidered jeans, hole jeans and denim shorts with a variety of skirt options.

skirts aliexpress pants aliexpress

Whether you want to wear mermaid skirt or you want to look trendy with the midi skirt, you can decide to get the best apparel clothing at GareMay store. Asymmetrical skirts are also available at this store, and you are definitely going to get the best discount prices on it.  

Check the store out! 

FAQs on Shopping for Women Clothing on Aliexpress

Q: How to choose your size?

A: You can refer to the sellers’ size chart. Each product have their own sizing. This is Asian sizing unless stated.

Q: Will the color of the clothes be the exact color I see online?

A: Colors may vary slightly due to different screens and contract. At times, sellers may professionally edited the images. So it may have a slight difference.

Q: How long can I expect my clothes to be shipped?

A: After payment is completed, the seller will ship your package within 3-7 business days. If you have any difficulties, it is best to contact their customer service team.

Q: Can I return products I bought?

A: If you are not satisfied with the products, please contact their customer service team and they will guide you on how to.

Q: Can the sellers ship worldwide?

A: Most sellers offer free shipping except for some remote countries.

Q: Can I change the order information or cancel the order any time?

A: Once package is marked as shipped, there is no way to modify or cancel the order.


Choosing the Best Women Clothing Sellers on Aliexpress

Our criteria are 1) Good quality 2) Good shipping time frame 3) Vast collection of quality clothing.

Happy shopping.


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