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by Spiddy Tan

best toys aliexpress to buy

Toys are the best gift you can give to a child, and adult, alike. There is a strange joy in playing with different types of toys. A person starts their journey with toys right from a young age. There are so many types that not only help a child have hours of fun, but are also educational. 

There is no better place to look for high-quality toys than the trusted e-commerce website, AliExpress. 

I have found some best-selling toys on AliExpress. I have categorized them in different categories to help you choose the type that you want to get for your kid. 

Review of Toys on AliExpress

Buckle up, as this is going to be a fun ride. Ready to have your little (or big) one jumping up and down to get each one on the list?

#1 – Building Blocks

LEGO Firefighting Set

Do you want your child to have fun while also pondering and working out their brains? This lego firefighting set has 348 pieces and will not only help your child stay busy for hours, but it will work their brain as well. 

lego alternatives aliexpress

The set lets your child make four firefighting vehicles. They can make four small vehicles and play as firefighters out there to save their town. 

You can get it here.

Price: $10.19

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Racing track

The building blocks set has 296 pieces that let your child create a fun racing track. Since there are so many pieces, it allows hours of fun and thinking. The colorful blocks are so bright your child will love building it. 

best toy store aliexpress

The blocks are high in quality and are firm. The building blocks connect easily and stay intact, without falling off. The blocks have such precision that your kid will love racing the balls that come with it on it. The turns and drifts make the ball turn and twirl perfectly. 

There are also other versions with 74, 148, and 222 pieces. You can choose any of your choices without compromising on the fun. 

You can get it here.

Price: $14.55


Your older kids will love assembling this titanic ship. It has 1860 pieces that will stimulate their brain and get them working on it for hours. 

lego building blocks toys aliexpress

Your kids will love building this titanic. Not only is the result of this puzzle going to be fun, but it will also develop their skills. 

You can get it here.

Price: $15.58

Block Bus Toy Set

toy kids bus building block aliexpress

The DIY toys are great for toddlers that help in brain development along with the much-needed fun. The child has to match the blocks and make a bus out of it. Every component is environment-friendly and would never harm if the child tries to put it in the mouth. It has the three characters that your child is going to love playing with. Not being too expensive, it is a great gifting idea if you have to visit a kid’s birthday party.

Price: $11.90

#2 – Action & Toy Figures

Marvel Avengers Action Figures

Okay, now this one is not only for the kids. You can get it for yourself or someone who is a die-hard Avengers fan. Collect each of the action figures to complete your collection. Let your child enter the world of superheroes and fight off evil and villains. 

marvel toys action figures aliexpress

They are going to have a wonderful time play-acting with these superheroes. You can get one or more action hero figures. The PVC superhero action figures have joints that can move. 

You can get this high-quality action figure here. 

Price: $3.51

Peppa Pig Action Figures

With over 5000 orders and an average of 4.7 stars, the Peppa Pig figures are going to be your little one’s favorites. They will love to play with these cute and adorable characters. 

peppa pig toys aliexpress

At an unbelievable price that will not break your budget, you can get four Peppa Pig characters, including Daddy Pig and George. 

You can get it here.

Price: $1.99

#3 – Puzzles

3D Puzzle

With over 3000 orders, the 3D puzzle is a star with which your child will never get bored. It is not just a puzzle, but it is also an education toy that helps develop your little one. 

You can use the puzzle to teach your child shapes, colors, and numbers using the colorful nail beads. 

Your child will love using these colorful beads to create wonderful works of art. Teach them everything using this educational and fun toy. 

If you are going on a picnic or a road journey, carry this along to let your kids can have fun. 

You can get it here.

Price: $4.94

Clock Puzzle

It is quite difficult to make your kid sit down and teach them the workings of a clock without them getting bored. They would keep fussing and want to get away from the lecture.

However, fret not! You can use this fun way of teaching your child how a clock works. The colorful clock teaches your child about time in the most fun way possible. Your child will have to assemble each of the independent parts to make a clock. Your child will love spending hours with it. 

The clock is made of high-quality wood that is safe and non-toxic. It helps develop your child’s thinking and cognitive abilities. 

You can get it here.

Price: $3.52

Wooden Memory Game

wooden toy for kids

This is a perfect game for kids you can organise in parties or even play at home. It is a memory game that is not just fun to play but beneficial in the brain enhancement of the kid. The goal of this game is to disassemble and then assemble the lock. First, the player will put the chess pieces on the chess board randomly, then memorise the location and colours of the chess board, use the dice to choose the colour and then pick the chess piece per his memory. Not too expensive, it is a great casual and a party game idea. One of our preferred toys for kids.

Buy this for $9.13

#4 – Beauty & Fashion Toys

Frozen Else & Anna Nail Stickers

Elsa and Anna of Frozen are every girl’s favorite. These princesses have taught girls to be independent and have proven that girls can be heroes too. 

Why not gift your little princess something that will let her see their heroes all the time?

disney nail stickers

There are so many tiny stickers that are detailed and colorful. These high-quality stickers are non-toxic and safe for your kids. With over 22,000 orders, this sticker is a perfect choice for your little girls.

There are also other variants available such as Minnie Mouse and Sophia. 

You can get it here.

Price: $0.85

Toy Hairdressing Set

Does your little angel like playing with your hairbrushes and dryers? Get them these pieces of plastic hairdressing set to give them their vanity. 

The set contains toy scissors, hairdryer, straightener, clips, and handbags, among other items. You do not have to worry about them ingesting your products by mistake. They can have their vanity set with beautiful products that they can use to satiate their beauty needs.

Most of the items in the set are usable, which means your little doll will not get bored with them. She will be able to make and style her hair. Sunglasses, mirrors, and hair clips are cute and usable. The set comes with a pretty vanity box that is non-toxic.

You can get it here.

Price: $7.56

Non-toxic makeup set

Does your little girl love makeup, but you cannot let them use your makeup items? Worry not! Try this lovely makeup set that is non-toxic and usable. It is perfect for little girls who love everything about makeup.

kids play set aliexpress

The set comes with eyeshadows, lipsticks, nail polishes, clips, and more. Applicators are also a part of this makeup kit. Not only is this kit perfect for their playtimes, but it can also be used when your little girls are performing and need makeup. 

You can get it here.

Price: $9.99

#5 – Plush and Stuffed Toys

Shiba Inu Plush toy

When looking for best selling toys, you cannot miss out on the kawaii Shiba Inu Plush toy. It is soft and comfortable, and your little one will love playing with it. 

best pillow toy aliexpress

It can work as a pillow for your tiny tots as well. You will love this adorable plush toy just as much as your child does. There are three colors available.

You can get it here.

Price: $10.40

Stuffed Elephant

Who does not love stuffed elephants that you can play with and use as a pillow? No one! It is one of the best toys for a toddler. Not only can they sleep on the elephant, but since its size is big for them, they will have immense fun playing with it. 

toys on aliexpress

There are so many color options available. Choose any color, and you are bound to fall in love with it.

You can get it here.

Price: $7.90

Gigantic Teddy Bear

Teddy bears are the best friends to kids. They never seem to feel lonely while teddies surround them. Not just the small cute teddy bears, but a gigantic teddy bear is also a great option to add up to the kids’ toy collection. Small kids love hugging and sleeping on the teddy bears.

Rolling all over it makes them happy and delighted. This soft stuffed large teddy is a great option to consider when looking for gift ideas for a kid’s birthday.

big teddy bear fir kids

Buy this for $70.01

#6 – Drawing Toys

Magic Water Drawing Book

Your kids will love this magic water drawing book. It is a great toy to teach your kids the joy of painting and the bright world of colors. 

drawing books china

There are no paints involved in this, so you do not have to worry about a mess. The magic pen that you get with this set reveals the colors in the drawing, which will emit sparks of joy and laughter. 

drawing books aliexpress

Your kids will have hours of fun revealing the colors and finding new treasures in the pages of this book.

You can get it here.

Price: $3.21

Scratch and Sand Painting

This book is one of my favorite drawing toys. I still love scratching the paper and revealing the beautiful colors inside. The scratch and sand painting set is the best educational toy for your little one. 

It teaches your kids about colors and the various coloring techniques.

painting toy aliexpress

The scratch pieces are like a chalkboard with a drawing on it. However, magic happens when you scratch it. Your kids will love the suspense and excitement of seeing the colors underneath the drawing. Just scratch and reveal.

children toy aliexpress

 I love the sand art sheets as well. You get a packet of colorful sands that your child can use to color the sheets. Let your child use their imagination to color the beautiful drawings.

You can get it here.

Price: $1.61

Bring home these best-selling toys on AliExpress!

I know how difficult it can be to shop for kids. You never know what may excite them and what would stop getting their attention in a few days. Younger kids need toys that will help build and develop their skills, while older children need something much more stimulating. 

Either way, you need toys that they will enjoy. I have put together a diverse range of toys that your kids will enjoy. These toys are not just for fun, but also help develop their skills. 

Get one of them for your little one today!

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