Best Tempered Glass Screen Protector

best tempered glass screen protector

There’s a lot of talk about Smart Phones and because there’s a lot of demand and talk, the phone manufacturers keep manufacturing new devices. It’s kind of an overkill to be honest. When there’s so much talk about smartphones, there ought to be talk about accessories as well.The gadget reviewers cover phone cases, they cover ear phones and all the other accessories. But one accessory that hasn’t gotten it’s due is the Tempered Glass.

The Tempered Glass has been a secondary citizen in the accessories game. It’s not about design, it’s just about protection. But the tempered glass is an underrated aspect of the phone. Due to its reputation of being a secondary citizen, the tempered glass manufacturers have not innovated since the advent of the iPhone 10 years back. It’s been the same.

They’ve aped and moulded themselves according to the phones. The Full Bezel tempered glasses became the rage because people wanted to retain the beauty of their phone. But apart from that, there hasn’t been much. Considering the death of Innovation in this business, it’s nice to see any advancement. We want to cover two companies that have come up with Interesting Tempered Glass products.


Stillersafe is a new safety tech company that has it’s own niche. They come up with interesting everyday products that aim at helping the user in some way or form.

Stillersafe’s Tempered Glass is a Zero Eye Strain glass that cuts the sharp light from the phone that strains our eyes. This is aimed at serious smartphone users and children. This is a premium glass with a sharp with Bezel finish and is available for Android and the iPhone. They have a non-bezel version for users who don’t want the bezel.

What makes this glass different is an extra thin layer of protection which gives a slight gray finish to the glass.

The glass has been tested and certified by SGS labs. According to our knowledge, they are the only company that make this type of glass. Stillersafe also manufacture a Zero Eye Strain protector for Laptop users. For users who use the Laptop heavily can get the magnetic protector that also has a privacy feature.

The privacy feature stops shoulder snooping which means nobody can spy on your screen from the side, they need to come directly behind you to see your screen.

Stillersafe Tempered Glass is priced at a very reasonable $10 to $15

stillersafe glass

Avant Guard

Avant Guard is a different kind of tempered glass. It’s main feature isn’t about protection, it’s about extra functionality that your phone gets. The avant guard is a 6-sense screen protector that has sensors on the tempered glass that act as buttons. So when you have a large phone, you don’t have to push your thumbs all the way to the top to access a button, you can use the button on the tempered glass at the bottom of your phone. This is a neat little feature which takes away annoying issues like using two hands or using the one handed mode feature which doesn’t give an optimum performance.

The Avant Guard also works well for users who’ve moved from Android to iPhone. The iPhone doesn’t have a back button like most android phones, which is in the bottom. With the Avant guard, this issue can be solved.

It retails at $7.99-$14.95 which makes it an absolute steal, if you want to buy it.

Click Here to purchase via Amazon.

White Stone Dome

White Stone Dome is another company that has come up with a new kind of tempered glass called the Dome. This is a full protection glass. The dome has a patented adhesive technology that has adhesive throughout the screen. This makes it stick better on the phone.

With the dome, there are no gaps and no scratches. Looking at the website, a lot of users might get confused that this is some sort of liquid that needs to be applied, but this is actually a glass which needs to be applied with a special UV device that comes with the package. Will this added feature of extra adhesive be a turning point for sales of this product? Only time will tell. They are only available for full edge phones like S8 and Note8 at present.

The White Dome is priced at $39.9 (lowest)

Click HERE to see the product on Amazon.

whitestone dome

This post would have been longer if there were more interesting tempered glass products in the market. But do give Stillersafe and White Stone Dome and Avant Guard a try. If you come across any interesting tempered glass based companies, do give us a shout out.

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