Best Teenage Fashion Trends 2020

by Spiddy Tan

The ever-changing world means that something new crops up every day in the fashion world, thanks to the numerous designers, known and unknown, working towards getting the best for the world to see. The one phase during our human life when we want to be right in the tune with the fashion world is during the teenage years. To help you find the best fashion for you, we have put together some of the best fashion trends for teenagers that will help them be right in the game.

Latest Teenage Fashion Trends 2020

latest teenage fashion trends

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i: Puffy Jackets for some Extra oomph

2019 is really the year of puffy jackets that are being donned effortlessly and flauntingly by Runway models and celebrities alike. The jacket is quite simple, but it is this simplicity that really adds on to the whole glamour.

This trendy puffy jacket is going to be an absolute savior and is going to make sure that your school or college days are warm, cozy, and fashionable. Styling this jacket is quite simple as it pairs up with almost every clothing item without looking over the top. This is a must-have in every teenager’s wardrobe.

Price: $48.80

ii: Bike shorts, not just for the Bikes

fashion trends for teenagers

A girl does not always want to be in jeans or dresses; there are days when all we want is the comfort of our PJs. Fret no more, girls! The bike shorts are here to the rescue. Thanks to The Kardashians, the bike shorts really is catching up on the style quotient. It is very comfortable, hugs your body in the most flaunting way, and can be styled to look both very casual and chic.

Gone are the days when bike shorts only served one purpose; it has now become a favorite fashion item that can be styled in different ways. Pair it with heels or sneakers, either way, you are going to be ahead in the fashion scene.

Price: $4.79

iii: The Leopard Lady

trendy fashion styles for teens

Leopard print, in the real sense, is a classic style that would never go out of trend. You should have at least one clothing item in your wardrobe that is this wild. The one reason leopard print is loved so much by girls is as it speaks of boldness and fierceness, the things that are quite the rage in the world today.

This beautiful skirt is going to bring out that fierceness and boldness in you while making you look chic and glamorous. Pair this with a plain white tee and keep the accessories to the minimum for the best effect.

Price: $7.19

iv: The Casual Wild

teenage girls fashion outfits

If you are not really a skirt person or do not think a skirt in leopard print is really your style, go for this casual yet elegant shirt. This sexy leopard print shirt is the perfect choice for college when you want to throw an impact. The low neckline adds on to the chicness and boldness without being too revealing.

Pair this with ripped and frayed denim shorts along with boots for the killer look that none will be able to look away from.

Price: $7.69

v: Puff it Out

formal wear for teenagers

It is not just puffy jackets that are in trend this year; puffy sleeves are all the rage and can be seen excessively all around us. This simple change to normal sleeves adds an oozing amount of oomph to the whole look, making it very easy to go from a college look to a party outfit without many efforts.

This red and white shirt is a great option if you are looking for a multi-purpose serving shirt. The shirt, when paired with the right accessories, can make you look effortlessly elegant and gorgeous. Wear this to college or to a party; you are sure to grab a few heads either ways.

Price: $7.06

vi: The Cargo is Back

pants with tops for teenage girls

Price: $5.38

fashion trend teenage girls casual

Price: $10.22

Who said cargo pants were a thing of the 90s? They are back in the best version of themselves. The thing about cargo pants is that they are just so easy to style and incorporate in our everyday lives. You do not have to limit yourself to a sporty look with these pants; the whole trick is in the way you style it.

Whether you are wearing combat boots or sports shoes with it, pair it up with a body-hugging cropped top for a cool look that looks effortlessly put together.

Check the store out


i: The Pretty Zipper

teenage girl sling bag
bags for teenager

Big bags are great for colleges and schools when you need to carry tons of things with you, but when you are simply hanging out with friends, you do not really need all that weight around you. That is when this glitzy and super-sparkly holographic zipper bag comes in. It is big enough to hold your essentials like phone, earphones, wallet, et cetera, but is small enough for you to hold it around your waist effortlessly.

You could go the traditional way and put it around your waist, or you could wear it like a crossbody, a trend that really is quite popular these days. This bag is perfect when you are going to a concert and want to be completely handsfree.

Price: $2.43

ii: Pretty Bag Pack

bags cheap for teenage girls

This bag may look like the plainest and the simplest thing in the world, but this is actually quite chic. This bag is quite a casual option for college and school. The bag is very spacious and is going to hold a lot of your items.

The pretty pastel colors make the bag look very cute and happy.

Price: $12.88

iii: The Galaxy is Yours

teenager girl school bags

Grab all the wonders of the universe with this galaxy bag. It looks stunning and is going to grab a lot of eyes when you carry it. It is quite spacious and is thus, a perfect option for school or college days when you have loads to carry.

The bag is not the only thing you will get here. You also get a galaxy pouch and a drawstring bag along with it.

Price: $10.80


i: The Must-have White Sneakers

white sneakers for teenagers

White sneakers can never be ignored; it is one of the most basic items that need to be in a girl’s wardrobe. These simple white sneakers have the power to uplift any outfit and make it look gorgeous and stunning. Whether you are pairing this up with jeans, shorts, or skirts, this is not going to fail you.

These sneakers come with a little heart adding a bit of chicness to the simplicity of it.

Price: $9.00

ii:The Comfortable Platforms

comfortable platform shoes for girls

These platform heels are perfect if you are new to the world of heels and are not yet confident trying other types of heels. These rubber platforms are super comfortable and are going to feel like regular sandals. However, you are going to get the feel of wearing heels without putting any strain on yourself.

These look super cute and come in a variety of colors that you can choose from. Go for it if you really want to enter the world of heights in the most comfortable way possible.

Price: $4.29

iii: Winter Wonderland

winter wear for girls

Boots are an indispensable part of a girl’s life. They are super comfortable, keep you warm and cozy, and makes sure you are high on the style quotient. These pretty little boots are perfect for the fall and winter. The inner lining of the boots is made of faux fur that is going to keep your feet protected from the chilly weather. There are several colors to choose from and many ways to style it.

Price: $7.67


i: The Classic Shades

sunglass for teenagers

Eyes are like oceans with depth so deep, you need to dive right in. Pretty up those eyes with this classic pair of shades that are going to add a retro vibe to your whole attire. The silver-rimmed black shades highlight the features of your face without it looking too out of the place. The vintage vibe is perfect for the modern era. You can pair this up with a basic white tee and shirt or shorts for the effortless summer look.

Price: $3.09

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ii: The Trendy Sunglasses

trendy sunglasses for teenage girls

You really need to consider your eyewear well since this is an accessory that can really change the look of your whole attire. Choosing the perfect pair of shades is going to make you look so fresh and happy.

This hexagonal shaped glass with yellow lens does the perfect job at this. It really adds that touch of oomph and extra glamour. This glass is perfect to make an impact. If you are looking for a pair of glasses that break the regular norm and resonates with your inner self, go for this pair that comes in different colored lenses.

Price: $2.56

iii: Let’s show off some Mesh

shoe mesh for girls

What are shoes without socks? No, really, what are they? Just a pair of boring shoes! Add some glamor down on your feet with these trendy and stylish mesh socks. The slight peeping of this pair of socks is really going to steal the deal. What more? The pretty satin bow at the back adds just the right amount of cuteness.

This pair looks absolutely elegant when paired with shorts or skirts. There are also different colors to choose from.

Price: $1.08

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These were some of the best teenage fashion trends. With these fashionable pieces in your wardrobe, you are sure going to feel like you can take on the world impeccably. Get these products at a comfortable budget and be ready for fashion that does not burn a hole in your pocket.

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