Best PS4 Accessories Every Gamer Must Have

by Tollo Francis
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There are lots of people who own PlayStation but very few know that there are many more accessories available from Sony that can help in getting a better experience and using the PS Console with ease.

[We have a list of Awesome PS4 Accessories Must Have that you can check out]


Play Station Platinum Wireless Headset

Most of the gamers use headphones to get better sound and this is something that redefines the gaming audio and made it more detailed. The gamer gets better sound quality and it is easy to feel the virtual world. You feel like that you are in the game and there is nothing better than this thing. Action, adventure, and battle games seem real. On the other hand, playing the horror game is something really interesting because you feel like dragging yourself into the game. There are lots of things that are related to the sound of the game. You hear everything well and it is easy to find the opponent or target in complete silence using these headsets.

ps4 wireless headset Product – 2.4Ghz Optical Wireless Gaming Headset headphone for XBox360, PS4/PS3, PC,XBox One Noise Cancelling headphone Improved Version

This headset has the virtual surround sound. This is powered by 3D audio technology. There are also dual Mics to capture your voice and then it cancels out the distractions. The noise cancellation is better than most of the headset. This is the reason that gamers prefer this to get a better gaming experience. The battery is quite enough to provide good battery backup so it lasts longer than usual headset batteries.

Retailing at $49.62 on Aliexpress


What Is USB Wireless Adapter?

wireless adapter for ps4

With the help of this adapter, you are able to connect your PC as well as Mac wirelessly. In order to use this feature, there are two applications available. You can use any of those and get the benefits. PS4TM Remote Play For Windows. Product – COMFAST CF-915AC AC600 600M 802.11AC laptop Dual Band 2.4G+ 5Ghz USB Wireless WiFi AC gigabit Adapter Adaptador Wi iver CF-915AC

The application is available for Mac that can help in many ways. You can use PlayStation Now for Windows that is used by many. As you connect the devices to PC or Mac’s port, it is easy to connect adapter. All this happen with the help of Bluetooth and now, this is the time to utilize the feature of the adapter. You are able to enjoy every feature and this is a really easy method.

Media Remote For PlayStation 4

You may know that there is a universal Media Remote available that can help you enjoy the features of PlayStation conveniently. You can interact with the applications and blue rays disk without going closer to the console because you have the remote that can control all the features. Product – 2.4G Wireless Multimedia Smart Remote Controller with USB Receiver for PS4 Game Media Console Replacement Game
You just need to browse for the item you want and choose. This is a Bluetooth powered remote that means you can use it sitting too away a couch and you can access to TC, Cable box and the last thing is an audio receiver. This is really easy and quite helpful in many ways.

Available at $8.94 on Aliexpress


Wireless Keyboard for PlayStation 4

This is a mechanical keyboard in misusing style that is specially developed for PS4. But the users are able to access PS3 with the help of this one. This is the unique method to use your PlayStation as comported to other consoles. Product – For Sony PS4 PlayStation 4 Accessory Controller Mini Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard#50PA

On the other hand, this product has so many users and good reviews. It is helpful in enhancing the gaming experience because your method of playing games will be changed with the use of this device that’s why you can rely on this. It works seamlessly perfect with the PS4 system. There is one analog stick that is a better method to play.

Available for $10.62 on Aliexpress


PS4 Complete Controller

Hardly there will be anyone who doesn’t know about the Aliexpress PS4 Controller. These are too much famous and most familiar ones. This provides the better method to play games because this is easy to use and provide better grip. The design is pretty similar to other game controllers but the features made this different from others.

aliexpress ps4 accessories

There are two analog sticks but not the same as before because these are more sensitive and provides more accurate movement. Product – VOGROUND New For Sony PS4 Bluetooth Wireless Controller For PlayStation 4 Wireless Dual Shock Vibration Joystick Gamepads

You get the improved sense while pressing the buttons because these are not the same as before. There is the big upgrade done with this controller so you are definitely going to love it. The last and most important thing is the capacitive touch that is providing the new potential to the new game. You are also able to purchase the PlayStation camera that can provide much superior feel while playing new games. The list ends here and if you haven’t tried any of these products then must give it a try.

Available at Aliexpress for $27.38 onwards

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