Is DROPSHIPPING from Aliexpress still viable in 2022? Tips from an expert

by Spiddy Tan

best products to dropship from aliexpress

There are online business platforms today where we like to operate. The likes of eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and Wish are there. But the major element which you want to check out if you want to be successful is that what are the products which you need to dropship.

Aliexpress is the online shop that everyone is talking about. It’s one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world, and it’s also a great place to dropship from.

You need to learn quickly that you need to dropship the goods which allow you to be very profitable.Below lets look at some interesting dropship products that most sellers are doing in 2022.

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Is it STILL worthwhile to dropship from Aliexpress

Can you still make money? Yes, we have seen so many sellers on TICTOKs these days… It used to be on Instagram, but now tictokers are killing it!

Check out what these sellers are saying here.

There are so many guides out there so I am not going touch much on HOW TO DROPSHIP FROM ALIEXPRESS. But I need to tell you more on the Pros and Cons.

Pros and Cons of Aliexpress Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a great way to start your own online business. Not only does it allow you to run your business without the need for expensive store inventory, but it also allows you to handle all shipping and marketing costs yourself. This makes dropshipping a very cost-effective business model. However, dropshipping does have its downsides.

The main downside is that dropshipping from Aliexpress isnt supported by any retailer support, so youre on your own if something goes wrong. Additionally, dropshipping from Aliexpress is time-consuming and requires a good amount of research.

There are also some cons to dropshipping that you need to be aware of before getting started. For example, dropshipping can be a little slow at first, and its difficult to scale up your business if youre not careful. However, dropshipping is a great way to get started in online selling, and the rewards are significant.

How to be successful in Aliexpress Dropshipping?

Its simple: you find a product, set up an online store, and sell the product without ever having to leave your home. This way, you can be in control of your business and make the decisions that are best for it.

Start small and experiment with different products until you find what sells well on Aliexpress (and hopefully other ecommerce platforms). Aliexpress is one of the best platforms for dropshipping because it has millions of products available.

So, if youre looking to get started with dropshipping, Aliexpress is the perfect platform for you!

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Popular Products to Import and Dropship from Aliexpress

As we scour the internet, here we are going to showcase a list of such products which you could drop ship from Aliexpress for a nice profit.

Dropshipping of Shapewear:

From various sources, it is assumed that the market of shapewear will grow up to $5.6 billion in 2022. They are a bit different from the traditional concept of underwear. This technology is now entering the lives of people very rapidly.

shapewear aliexpress dropship

Look at the order numbers above and you can tell why this is an awesome product for dropship these days.

Everyone nowadays likes to be slim, and various fashion stores also add this shapewear to their stores on customer demand. You can find these products in different shapes, sizes, and colours. The result will always be good wearing these so you can easily understand why they are gaining so much popularity today.

Check out more of such products HERE.

Dropshipping of Mobile Phone Accessories:

We all have the use of mobile phones in our daily lives, so the mobile phone and its accessories industry are gaining immense popularity with every passing day. The accessory market will soon be a $107.3 billion industry. The major accessories which are sold today are cell phone buttons, phone cases, repair & cleaning tools, screen protectors, mobile phone hooks, headsets, and chargers.

mobile phone accessories

Yes, the orders might not be huge, but their margin for dropship is good. This is one particular product range that enables you to have more than 500% profits. Look at the prices above. Most are less than $1.

They have become one of the best dropshipping items now. The market for mobile phone accessories is bound to gain a lot of popularity in the upcoming years. Especially the mobile phone case created a lot of crazes as they can be personalized according to the latest trend or the need of the customer.

Check out more of such items HERE.

Things like these you can 3x- 10x prices.

Quirky Spider ring holder

If you are a fan of quirky items like me, you will love this phone holder that comes in the shape of a spider. The gemstone that makes the body of the spider is available in different colors. You can choose from diverse colors. The design is innovative and looks exactly like a spider. Even if you hate real spiders and they creep you out, you will not mind this one crawling on your phone. 

spider ring holder

The ring holder is strong and provides ease. The adhesive is strong and can be reused many times, despite washing with water. The ring rotates 360 degrees and folds 180 degrees.

You can get this stunning spider ring holder here.

Price: $1.99

Dropshipping of Sportswear:

The fashion industry is rapidly on a change, but in this evolving time, the sportswear is more or less the same. So, you can understand easily that is a product where money could be invested. The sportswear which is dropshipped a lot are sweatpants, sports shirts, sports bras, leggings, headbands, vests, sports shoes, and tights.

sportswear dropship

You can always use the sportswear as other product’s supplement. Usually, young women are known to buy these products. For advertising these products, the best place is Instagram and Facebook as most of the youth is found there now. Another nice way to market the product is influence marketing. Look at Instagram – there are so many influencers pushing their sportswear these days.

Check out such products HERE.

Dropshipping of Eyelash Serum:

The products which are related to eyelashes are gaining a lot of popularity today. Various statistics show that the products are showing tremendous growth trend are very popular as drop shipping items. It is mainly a beauty product for women which is used to increase the growth of eyelashes. Dropshipping in a small category of these products is very good for business.

eyelash serum review for dropship

Selling these products in a package of three or four will not only increase your order value but will sell your complete stock very soon.

Check out products we have curated HERE.

Dropshipping of Flame Lamp:

The sales volume which the flame lamps have is quite impressive. Potentially one of the best products, the flame lamps is a home improvement product which could be found at a lighting store. You can create a combo of a flame light and a LED candle to increase your sales.

flame lamp aliexpress

The lamps actually look very good in a picture and can lead more and more buyers to buy them.

Check out these products HERE.

Dropshipping of Night Mask:

In today’s hectic life, all people need is a good sleep and dream well. What is better for dreaming than a comfortable night mask. Eye mask will not sell very highly alone, but you can increase the sell if you combine it with other products as a packaged deal. Most of the time, you will find the travel enthusiasts searching for the product.

Another product to let you have the margin of more than 300% when dropship.

night mask dropship

But before dropshipping carefully select the material as it must be soft and not harsh on eyes. The promotion of the product must be done according to your own planning on how to sell it.  

Check out these products HERE.

Dropshipping of Watch:

women chinese watch

With mobile phones in the market, the sales of watches have slowed down a bit, but it is still increasing. They have a yearly sales volume of around $1.2 billion. There are different types of watches on the market today like smart watches, men’s watches, and women’s watches. People use to watch for attraction more than using it. If you are using Instagram or Facebook to advertise it, you are going in a completely wrong direction.

You must use influence marketing for marketing watches. Bring in a celebrity to endorse the brand and people will care more.

Check out this article on such curated watches.

Dropshipping of Portable Projector:

newpal projector under 100

Another product which on the rise in recent years. There are different types of projectors found in the market today, which people like a lot. There are handheld projectors, laser projectors, and mini projectors to choose from. Some projectors can be connected to mobile phones too. You have to choose which one you one suits you the most for dropshipping.

You can earn a lot of profit from them. The minimum profit will be around $60. The best way to market the product is using Search Engine Optimisation, SEO.

Check out the products we have reviewed here.

Dropshipping from China to USA

ePacket is the fastest and cheapest mode of delivery from China to USA. Dropshippers from US love this way as it is inexpensive and fast to deliver. Imagine within less than a week, you can have your Chinese supplier ship direct to your end customers.

We have written a good article about ePacket here.

Have fun!

That is all folks, hope you able to find awesome Chinese products for dropship from our review.

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