Best MacBook Pro Accessories Must Have 2020

by Spiddy Tan

macbook pro accessories must have

Every year the world looks forward to the products Apple will release and seldom are we disappointed. What started as a brand to simply make people’s lives easier is no longer just that – Apple is now a luxury brand! 

The reputation the company has for making products that are extremely progressive, unique and super user-friendly precedes it. Their gadgets are also a pleasure to carry around as they are created to look slim, sleek and sophisticated. Just when we think Apple has reached its ultimate level of innovation and there is nothing more it can possibly do, Apple goes ahead and outdoes itself, every single time.

Apple has been setting trends in the electronics arena with its innovative and great products. There were a few releases lately and some more great devices are lined up in the pipeline yet to be released. Some of the recently launched devices include the iPhone X, Apple Smart Watch and Apple Macbook Pro (revamped edition). 

In a motive towards building a more slim and compact laptop, Apple has given up on the traditional SD card slots and the USB 3.0 connectors on its new Macbook Pro. While the inbuilt storage is quite good, everybody knows that we always need external storage to supplement. This calls for a number of additional add on gadgets for the smooth running of the older storage devices. Apple has come up with the highly advanced and super fast Type-C connectors on the Apple Macbook Pro. 

It cannot be denied that it is usually not possible to use the same accessories that we use for gadgets from other brands, after all, Apple is definitely niche and premium! Apple products are unique which mean that we need unique accessories to go with them. Also, when we have super stylish products from Apple, it is absolutely important that the accessories look super stylish too! 

We researched and tried out a lot of accessories available in the market, some specifically made for the new Macbook Pro. We liked some, we didn’t like some. Here we write about some of the best MacBook Pro accessories that we think you ought to take a look at.


The following are some of the cool devices that every Apple Macbook Pro user can get at a cheap price and enjoy a great time on his laptop:


A 5 in 1 adapter is a boon to an Apple product user. This especially comes in handy when there are multiple transfers to be made or when working with multiple gadgets at the same time (keep in mind that Apple has its unique pin). While there are several such adaptors available in the market, these cost just around $30 for one set. The adapters are available in multiple colors and are super slim and sleek just like the Macbook Pro and it is a charm to carry these around. These adapters can eliminate the worries of not having a USB 3.0 port on the new Macbook Pro. These have the additional benefit of being able to be used on the smartphones with a USB Type-C connector as well to connect to USB Drives.


Buy this for $29.67


Xiaomi is a brand that is synonymous with efficiency and value for money. Probably the widest and fastest selling brand across the world, it can be assumed confidently that their products match our high expectations. The Xiaomi Mi USB-C charger is no exception. Available for $8.45, this can also be used to charge the battery pack of the new Macbook Pro laptop or any other similar PD 2.0 or QC 3.0 laptops. The charger comes in a cord-detachable design and the USB Type-C cable comes free with the adapter. This multipurpose charger can be used in emergency situations to get some extra battery life for the Macbook. This makes the Xiaomi charger an all in one device since it can be used to charge both the phones and the laptops.

xiaomi macbook pro charger

Buy this for $8.45.


Since the intention of this article is to inform you about the fantastic products available without burning a hole in your pocket, this particular gadget made it to the list. This USB Hub is available for just $8.47 and is a great deal to invest in. The looks are classy, striving to match the beautiful looks of the Macbook Pro and is one of the highly essential gadgets that every Macbook user must have. The ports included on the hub are 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 USB Type-C Port, 1 SDXC port and 1 micro SDXC port. This is as progressive as the Apple laptop you use, keeping up with the times. Product – 5 in 1 usb-c USB 3.0 Hub Multi Type c Spliter Adapter usb3.0 Card Reader for Macbook USB-c Type-c Splitter multi OTG Combo


Owning a Macbook Pro laptop does not necessarily mean that you also want to own a pair of Apple Airpods. To get a similar effect at a much lower price, go for these affordably priced earphones. While comparing to the Apple Airpods costing $216, investing in this pair of classic, wire controlled high bass earphones at just $17.47 dollars would definitely be profitable. The type-C connector on the earphones makes these perfect for connecting to your new Macbook Pro laptop. Product – OOTDTY USB Type-C Earbuds In-Ear Earphone Hi-Fi Digital 3D Audio With MIC For Moto Z HTC U11


When you buy a device from a brand like Apple, it is evident that you only want the most reliable that money can buy. Sandisk is another popular brand known not only for its reliability and durability but also for the efficiency and great looks. The storage devices manufactured by Sandisk are perfect accessories for the new Macbook Pro laptops. The on-the-go reversible flash drive is a must-have for every Macbook user and can be used by the users to double up the memory on their smartphones as well. The 32 GB variant used to cost $19.90 and the 64 GB variant used to cost $29.49. But now, the prices have been slashed down to $11 for the 32 GB and just $14 for the 64 GB. Now that’s the kind of value for money that we love! Product – SanDisk USB Flash Drive Ultra Dual USB3.1 Drive OTG Type-C 150M/s 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB For Smartphones SDDDC2

Buying Mac Book Pro ACCESSORIES

The above-listed great looking and efficient gadgets would be successful in eliminating the typical storage problem on the Macbook Pro and would provide the users with unhindered Apple experience. Let us know if you have any other things to add for the Best Macbook Pro accessories to have.

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