Best Chinese Home Security Cameras

by Spiddy Tan

Having secure and safe home or office space is what you always have in your mind, right. Now it is much easier with the IP and WIFI best home security cameras to keep a watch every time even if you are at any part of the world. It keeps checking on what all is happening at the places in real time. The question of where can keep you check on from? The answer is simple. You can keep an eye at your fingertips with smartphones or tablets.

You might be reading this article as you want to buy one or are looking for options. You have come to right place as in this article we would let you know everything regarding Best Wireless Home Surveillance Camera and where you can buy it. Any guesses? Yes, it is AliExpress from where you can have one of these surveillance cameras for your offices or homes. There are a lot of options on AliExpress for buying these, as they are cheap and from trusted source. The same surveillance cameras might cost double at your stores or on different online shopping platforms.

By the end of the article, you would be able to make up your mind for purchasing one and be tension free as soon as you step out from your space.

Here we reviewed the Best Home Security System you can get online at awesome prices.

Best Chinese Home Security Cameras

Top rated models on AliExpress

First and Foremost, AliExpress is a reputed E-Commerce website providing great electronic products and deals. For those who want quality at affordable prices, AliExpress is the one.  Here we present you top 3 most liked and bought IP Surveillance cameras on AliExpress.

#1 – Wireless Network Security Camera with Night vision

This IP camera has more than 4500 sales over AliExpress and is best for monitoring via Phones or PC. They cost you around $50 usd but frequently there are deals and offers going on which may lead to the much lesser cost of the IP camera. Product – Wireless Network Security IP Camera Plug & Play Pan Tilt IR-Cut Night Vision 720P HD 1.0 Megapixel Phone Remote

surveillance cameras

Price: USD30


#2- Xiaomi XiaoYi Smart Home Security Camera

There are a number of smart home security camera under the brand Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Dafang Smart Camera

Priced around $30+, this camera has 120-degree wide-angle lens that brings a sense of immersive screen. 1080P Full high definition resolution which provides clear images.

xiaomi smart camera NEW 2019

Price: $33

Xiaomi Mijia 130 Degree Security Monitor

130 degree wide viewing angle with infrared night vision. This is a humanoid smart detection. This acts well as a baby monitor.

Xiaomi Mijia New 1080P IP Camera

Price: $14


Check out this reputable store which carries all the models.

Xiaomi 3C Digital Store on Aliexpress

best chinese home security cameras

#3 – Fake Cameras

Mostly used for thieves, these fake Camera Surveillance is the most sold in the market as well online supporting LED. It is very cheap costing only $5-20 usd. Product – 2 Pcs/Set Surveillance Security Fake Camera Indoor Home Resturant Outdoor Waterproof CCTV Dome Dummy Cameras Shaped Decoy Video Product – Waterproof Outdoor Indoor Fake Security Dummy CCTV Surveillance Camera Night CAM LED Light Product – Dome Dummy Fake Surveillance Monitor CCTV Security Simulation Camera Flash

Buying Chinese Home Security Cameras

We have discussed one IP camera, One Fake camera and  Xiaomi One but you can search for more on AliExpress and after reading specification can purchase one.

Working of IP Surveillance Cameras / Home Security Camera System

One thing essentially needed for installing an IP surveillance camera at your place is an internet connection. This is because, on whichever system or device you want to install it for the first time, Internet connection is required. After it is installed, the job is done.

Benefits of purchasing IP Surveillance Camera with Wi-Fi

  • It is wireless all credit to the WiFi connectivity making you stress-free from all entangled wires.
  • Can have a night view of the space as well.
  • All the recording/filming is done on SD camera.
  • The resolution of the images and video is HD letting you get clear images.
  • Simple and speedy connectivity.

Here are the Best Shops on AliExpress for purchasing IP Surveillance and Security Cameras

All the 3 shops have been selected based on customer feedbacks, ratings and cameras sold.

They have a good number of years of experience in selling electronic products.

You can even directly contact the seller for any further queries.

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