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by Tollo Francis

best chinese guitar

Since its inception, the guitar is arguably one of the most famous and widely-used musical instruments worldwide. It is not surprising because, despite different variations and improvements over time, this instrument is portable, flexible, and polyphonic.

Now, if you happen to be looking for a guitar because you want to learn or you want to give it to your kids, you may want to know the best place where you can buy it. In this post, you’ll find the best AlieExpress Guitar Sellers, along with tips on how to pick the one that will suit your needs and purpose, and of course, your budget.

4 Factors to Consider before Buying a Chinese Guitar

The following tips are critical in choosing a guitar, regardless of whether you are buying it for yourself or others. Keep in mind that having a high-quality instrument can help you enhance your provision and gift of music, which eventually helps you build confidence and accomplish your musical desires.

Know what kind of guitar you want to play

There are different kinds of guitars, but you’d probably agree that the most famous two are acoustic and electric. Unfortunately, most people tend to buy an acoustic guitar for the primary reason that it is cheaper compared to electric guitars. In most instances, a run-off-the-mill acoustic guitar will most definitely lead you to quit because it is challenging to play physically.

Also, you have to be aware that guitars require different approaches. Not because you know how to play the acoustic guitar means you can also do it well with electric and other classical guitars. So, before buying one, decide on the kind of guitar that resonates with your personality and purpose the most. You can also pick your favorite color!

Keep in mind that size matters

This tip proves to be accurate and valuable for children. When the guitar is too big, your kid will indeed find it hard to reach the proper frets. Learning can get too hard, uncomfortable, and painful, leading them to quit and lose interest.

While the full-size guitars are typically suitable for adult players, you shouldn’t buy the same for your kid, thinking that they can use the guitar properly when they grow up. You should pick a size that is comfortable for moving their fingers and reaching the proper spots.

Avoid going for the cheapest guitar available

Who doesn’t want to buy cheap products? Well, you might want to avoid going at the bottom of the price tag when it comes to choosing a guitar. In this situation, the notion “you get what you pay for” is particularly true. Usually, guitars available at too-good-to-be-true prices are not adjustable and playable. If you are a first-timer, try to stay in the middle pricing range. Surely, you can’t expect to get a tremendous value for a few dollars, right?

Do not fall victim to the brand name

The brand name of a guitar is not a guarantee that it is the best guitar in town. Yes, it is tempting to go for those expensive brands with worldwide advertisements and positive write-ups. However, compared to smaller and less-known guitar manufacturers, famous brands spend a significant amount of money on media advertising.

And where do you think these companies get the budget? From customers who are willing to pay for the name rather than the quality and function of the guitar, of course.

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Top Chinese Guitar Stores on AliExpress with High-Quality Guitars and Accessories

Eart-Guitar Store (Guitar Replicas)

Eart-Guitar is a guitar company from China. Alhough its store on AliExpress opened only way back in March of 2020, this guitar manufacturer already boasts 18 years of experience in the business. It offers a range of high-quality guitars and other musical instruments made from high-quality and non-traditional woods. There are also electric instruments available in its store at meager prices.

Among the store’s best selling guitars are headless guitars, NK Guitars, Ex Guitars, E-3S, Jazz, and SSS Guitars. But apart from standard manufacturers’ design, Eart-Guitar also accepts customized orders, with some of the designs being mass-produced. From the classical 6-string acoustic guitars to those with electric ones with seven strings, the product prices range from $100-$500 on average. 

While there are more prominent and more popular guitar manufacturers in the industry, Eart-Guitar secures its spot in the market by staying updated with the trend and changes in the musical scene. The company also strives to improve its design over time and enhance the sound, working on optimization with the help of advanced technologies. 

If you are interested to see Earth-Guitar’s impressive collection, visit the AliExpress store here

Music Center Store

Music Center Store is a musical instrument supplier based in Weifang, Shandong, China. Its wide range of products includes Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Jazz Guitar, and Electric Guitar. It also offers guitar accessories such as strings, bags, cases, and pickups. 

Aside from listing Chinese-manufactured guitars and instruments, the Music Center Store also offers guitars from famous brands such as Guild. You can also choose from a range of vintage and modern designs, with varying sizes, colors, and number of strings. There are also custom-made products on the store’s homepage on AliExpress. 

The store’s best selling guitars are the Shorty Travel Guitar ideal for kids and beginners, the Guild Brian May Guitar, which is undoubtedly a collectible piece, and the G Orange Electric Jazz Guitar. As for the pricing, there are models which you can purchase from $100 to $1000, with only a few products hitting over the one-grand mark. 

If you want to see your affordable and collectible guitar options,

you can click here. 

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Cranberries Guitar Store (Best Acoustic Chinese Guitar)

The Cranberries Guitar Store has been operating on AliExpress since December 13, 2019, from Qingdao, China. The company sources its products from local and international guitar manufacturers alike. The main product categories are Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitars, Electric Guitars, and Ukulele. And like most guitar stores on the platform, enthusiasts can also show accessories such as cases, pickups, and strings. 

Some of the bestselling acoustic guitars from the Cranberries Store are the NEW KOA SP14 Acoustic Guitar released in 2020, the 2021 New OM model, and the KOA K24ce acoustic guitar.

As for the electric ones, buyers are going crazy over the Grote Jazz Guitar, the 8-Strings Mandolin Electric Guitar, and the 6-Strings Eastwood Jazz Model. 

Since the Cranberries Guitar Store primarily aims to make guitar enthusiasts happy, you can always find hot deals and items on sale whenever you visit the store. Most of the things are free of shipping charges, and most of the time, the order comes with freebies. The usual prices of guitars range from $300-$500. 

If you want to purchase a high-quality yet affordable guitar, whether acoustic or electric, you’d surely want to visit this store. 

Check it out

The Guitar Girl Store

The Guitar Girl Store is a China-based supplier of all things related to guitars. And yes, the term “Girl” in the store’s name emphasizes that most of the products are ideal for female musicians. However, it doesn’t mean that you won’t find something suitable for men and kids. 

You can find a wide range of affordable Acoustic, Electric, Jazz, and Bass Guitars within the store. And since female customers are usually more specific in terms of design, the company also accepts customized orders. They also provide accessories for DIYs. Previous customers also have the option to upgrade their guitars by ordering personalized accessories from this seller. 

At the time of this writing, the store’s top-selling guitars are the Grote P90 Electric Guitar, the J45 Custom-made Acoustic Guitar, and the Factory Signature Electric/Acoustic Guitar. The prices of the guitars averagely start from $200 and can get as high as $1000. 

Since going online from November 13, 2019, the Guitar Girl Store has garnered over a thousand followers from global customers. It also boasts almost 90% positive feedback, a pretty high figure in AliExpress’s customer rating standards. 

For more unique details about this guitar seller, click this link. 

Purple Guitar Store

The Purple Guitar store has been active on AliExpress since August 16, 2019. Currently, it has over 2500 followers with a fantastic customer rating of 95.5%! This musical instrument supplier based in Guangzhou, China, offers a wide range of products that will surely please music lovers and enthusiasts.

Aside from Classic, Acoustic, and Electric Guitars, you can also find tons of options for drums, saxophones, ukulele, violin, and piano. And amazingly, these high-quality products sourced from local and international manufacturers are available in the store at amazingly affordable prices. The store also puts products on sale and gives avid customers significant discounts on their purchases. The majority of orders are being shipped by the store to various locations worldwide, free of charge. 

At the moment, the hottest guitars from the store’s collection include the 6-Strings Flower Sound Acoustic Guitar, the Jumbo Bass Jazz Acoustic/Electric Guitar, and the 12-Strings Solid Wood Acoustic Guitar. As for the accessories, you can also buy bag cases, strings, necks, bodies, and stands. 

You are welcome to visit the store anytime for amazing deals. 

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