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by Spiddy Tan

aliexpress affordable flashlight for the money

You think you don’t really need a flashlight, but it’s always good to have one handy. You just don’t know when you might need it!

In the modern age of smartphones, where you can turn on the flashlight with just one click, people forget the need and value of traditional flashlights. The modern flashlights are not big or cumbersome and do not have heavy batteries like those of the conventional ones we used to use back in the day. The new pocket flashlights are available in trendy and colorful outer casings, which makes it comfortable and stylish to hold them. Chinese companies manufacture most of the flashlights, and they are very efficient in it.

Buying Affordable Chinese Flashlights

Most of the times we don’t carry a flashlight with us because we feel it’s going to be heavy and hard to carry. But with a few pointers, you can get one that is not only compact but also has a lot of useful features so that it is convenient to carry around. 

best brightest flashlight

If you are planning to buy a bright flashlight or a tactical flashlight, keep these points in mind:

  • Size– The size of the flashlight should be small so that it can easily fit in the pocket
  • Modes– The flashlights now days have various usable modes, so keep that in mind
  • LED– Make sure that your flashlight contains LED lights.
  • Battery– The battery life of the flashlight must last long, and it should be replaceable easily
  • Brightness– Pay note to its brightness level: a good option for obtaining ideal luminosity in devices used around houses or workplaces is around 80 to 200 lumens
  • Tactical – Check whether it’s been army styled liked

Well, to help you guys a little more and save you from buying the wrong item, we have made a list of the best Chinese flashlights that are very bright. They are readily available online, so buy carefully after comparing their features as per your requirements.

Best Budget Flashlight for the Money on Aliexpress

Aliexpress has them all!

1. Enjoydeal Mini LED Flashlight

If you enjoy going camping often or you like long drives in the night, it’s always advisable to have a flashlight on you. If you’re a frequent camper, you know that your camping gear is always heavy and you don’t want to add on to the weight with another heavy flashlight. If this is the case, Enjoydeal’s mini LED flashlight is a good choice for you. 

Enjoydeal’s Mini LED Flashlight is small in size. It is a slick flashlight, designed specifically for the purpose of camping. To keep things interesting, this device is even available in three trendy colors for you to choose from, maybe match it to the colour of your jacket or your camping tent. It is also very lightweight and a USB device.

best chinese flashlight review

Affordable Flashlights less than USD $3

Check out the variety of flashlights from Enjoydeal on Aliexpress at super prices Product – Enjoydeal CREE LED 1000 Lumens Lamp Clip Mini Penlight Flashlight Torch Outdoor camping lights For 2xAAA Product – Enjoydeal Tactical CREE XP-E R2 Mini Penlight Clip Pocket 1000LM 1 Mode LED Flashlight Torch use 1 x AAA battery Product – Enjoydeal CREE XPE-R3 LED 1000 Lumens LED Mini Penlight Flashlight Belt Clip Pocket Torch Portable Flash Torch Lamps Use 1xAAA

Holding Features:

  • The size of the flashlight is very small. This compact design can easily fit in one’s pocket, with its small frame.
  • The flashlight has two modes- low mode and a high mode. Turn it on depending on your need.
  • It has an LED bulb as an active source of light.
  • It contains a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a long life.
  • The brightness of lumens is 50 and can easily cover long distances.

2. Goodland Mini Flashlight

The next one on our list of best flashlights is the one by Goodland. If you are the kind who likes to go on long bike rides through the suburbs or the countryside, you definitely need this flashlight. This is small in size, light in weight and easy to fix on your bike or carry it in your pocket. 

This flashlight is waterproof, and that is just what a regular biker needs, as you don’t know when the weather will change. It is also shock resistant which is a great feature and could be a real lifesaver. Apart from these amazing features, these flashlights by Goodland boast of very high power, and therefore, high brightness, which also makes them perfect for activities like camping. 

Despite having so many amazing features, this flashlight is sold for super cheap, so do check it out.

best flashlight for the money aliexpress

Budget Flashlight Cost $2.99 USD

Cool Features: Product – Goodland LED Flashlight Portable LED Torch Waterproof Tactical Flashlight Mini Powerful Zoomable 3 Mode For Camping Bicycle

  • It is a handy flashlight made with an aluminium body.
  • The flashlight has two modes- low mode and a high mode.
  • The model of LED bead is Q5.
  • The battery brand is 14500, and it is not rechargeable.
  • The brightness of this flashlight is 450 lumens

3. LOMOM 2000 Tactical Flashlight

The next one on our list is a more advanced and more powerful flashlight than the previous two. The beautiful black coloured flashlight by LOMOM has a special zoomable feature. This comes in very handy if you enjoy a jog or a walk late in the night. You can zoom in and out to get a good view of the street ahead and keep yourself safe. 

This flashlight operates on high power and emits light that is equally powerful, in three different modes. Another notable feature is that this is completely waterproof, making it great to carry on when the weather is unpredictable. Another niche feature is that this device is shock resistant.

best budget flashlight aliexpress

Best Tactical Flashlight Cost USD $9.90 Product – LOMOM 2000 Lumens Tactical Flashlights Torches Set powerful led flashlight T6 Lighting Lamp 18650 10W Powerful bike light

Features of being Tactical:

  • It is a lightweight zoomable flashlight.
  • The flashlight has three modes- high, low and medium.
  • The model of LED bead is Q5.
  • The battery type is AAA and is easily replaceable.
  • The brightness of the flashlight is of 2000 lumens

4. UltraFire Zoomable Flashlight

The fourth flashlight on our list is the one by Ultrafire. This is a very convenient flashlight with some unique features that the previous three don’t have. One of our favourite features in this is that this is rechargeable. This is very useful as you just have to ensure it is fully charged and don’t have to keep worrying about batteries failing when you are using it in an emergency. 

This is a very strong flashlight that can shine a powerful and bright light. 

brightest flashlight under 5

Brightest Flashlight Cost $4.28 Product – UltraFire E17 CREE XM-L T6 2000Lumens led Torch Zoomable LED Flashlight t6 light (3 * AAA / 1 * 18650) – Free shipping

Features of the 2000 Lumens LED Torch:

  • The flashlight works on three modes- high, low and medium
  • The model of the LED bead is T6.
  • This uses a  rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • The brightness of the flashlight is of 2000 lumens

5. LED Flashlight Tactical 6000 Lumens

The last one on our list, perfect for trekking and hiking activities is this LED flashlight. 

This comes with a lifetime waterproof guarantee and a beautiful, lightweight design. It is a USB flashlight with some promising features listed below.

flashlight for camping under 10 aliexpress

LED Flashlight Cost: $9.89

Features of CREE Aluminium Flashlight: Product – LED flashlight Tactical 6000 Lumens CREE XM-L2 Zoomable 5 Modes Black aluminum alloy LED Flashlights Torch For Camping

  • The flashlight has three modes- high, low and medium modes.
  • The model of LED bead is Q5.
  • It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • The brightness of the flashlight is of 6000 lumens.

Best Flashlights For the Money

Flashlights are quite essential for your home and to carry on you every day.

You do not need to spend an arm and a leg for flashlights. The popular Chinese portal Aliexpress has it all under US$20. Above are some awesome deals we have curated. 

These were the five best Chinese flashlights available on Aliexpress, and you can easily buy these online. Choose what best suits your requirements and place your order, it’s that simple!

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