Best Cheap Magnetic Car Phone Holder on Aliexpress 2021

by Spiddy Tan

cheap magnetic car phone holder

If you love using your phone a lot, even when you are driving, you need a car phone holder. While it is unsafe to use your phone while driving (with or without a phone holder), it is still a practical and functional device. You can mount your phone on the holder and use it. 

If you are out on unknown roads and are relying on your phone for direction, a phone holder is your savior. Mount your phone, open the maps, and glide smoothly without having to pick your phone again and again.

There are tons of variations available, but I have found the best ones for you from AliExpress. The giant e-commerce website has some of the best car phone holders at affordable rates. 


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Best Cheap Car Phone Holder 2021

Are you ready to get one for yourself? Here are my best picks for you:

#1 – Magnetic Car Phone Holder

The magnetic car phone holder comes from E-Accessories Store that has been selling on AliExpress since 2016. The store has positive feedback of 97.9 percent and over 80 thousand followers. 

The holder is easy to install, thanks to its design. The holder clip fits most air vents; the clip has built-in silicone cushions to minimize and scratches and damage. The holder has five neodymium magnets, which does not tamper with the signals at all. 

Magnetic Car Phone Holder aliexpress

The design of the car holder is innovative and comes in an L shape. The design ensures that your screen does not get covered by the holder; you get a full view of the screen.

The holder is strong enough to hold about 2.5 kgs. Having this strength is a huge bonus since you do not have to worry about your phone dropping from its magnetic grip. 

The phone holder can comfortably hold phones with screens between 3.5 to 7 inches. 

You can get this magnetic phone holder here.

Price: $2.98

#2 – Gravity Car Phone Holder

The Gravity car phone holder comes from the stores of the Getihu brand, which has been selling on AliExpress since 2018. It has positive feedback of 97.7 percent. 

The car phone holder ensures that your phone never loses signal. You do not need to engage both your hands to lock and release your phone. You can do so easily using only one hand. The design also makes sure that you get access to your phone. 

The design of the phone holder is such that you can charge your phone with ease; the phone holder does not interfere with that. The buckle is steady and keeps your phone safe. It attaches to your car’s air vents securely. The non-slip silicone cushions add an extra layer of protection to your phone. 

Magnetic Phone Holder aliexpress

The only disadvantage of this car phone holder is that it is compatible only with phones that have screens between 4.7 and 6.5 inches. 

You can get the gravity phone holder here.

Price: $2.78

#3 – Strip Magnetic Phone Holder

Yesido is one of the Top Brands on AliExpress despite being on the platform only since 2018. It has positive feedback of 97.4 percent and has over 10 thousand followers. 

The magnetic car phone holder by Yesido is one of the store’s best products and have over 30 thousand orders. It is a compact phone holder in the shape of a strip that is small and compact.

The strip has six strong neodymium magnets that keep your phone stable and secure. It is made of premium aluminum alloy shell and has a silicone mat for protection. 

car phone holder good quality

The phone holder is easy to paste on the dashboard. The best part about this holder is that you can wash it without worrying about not being able to reuse it. You can stick it on to your dashboard after washing. After washing, let the holder air dry. Do not dry using a towel or tissues. 

The closed magnetic field of the holder does not interfere with the signals of your phone. And due to its compact size, you do not have to stick it only on the dashboard. You can stick it anywhere. 

You can get the strong strip magnetic holder here.

Price: $5.69

#4 – Cafele Magnetic Car Phone Holder

Cafele is one of the leading producers of phone accessories and is also one of the Top Brands on AliExpress with over two-hundred thousand followers. It has been selling on the platform since 2016 and has positive feedback of 97.7 percent. 

The phone holder fits snugly to your car’s air vents. It has a 360-degrees rotation that is practical and very useful. You do not have to take your phone off to change the direction; you can rotate it without any fear. The strong magnetic properties of the phone holder keep the phone secure.

Magnetic Car Phone Holder cheap

It is suitable for almost all types of smartphones. The phone holder comes in various color options.

You can get the Cafele magnetic phone holder here.

Price: $3.88

#5 – UGreen Car Phone Holder

ugreen car holder aliexpress

UGreen is one of the most trusted and top brands of AliExpress. It has been selling on the platform since 2010. In all these years, it has managed to get over one million followers. The positive feedback of the store is 98.9 percent.

The car phone holder has over 20 thousand orders. The 360-degrees rotation is one of the best features of the holder. It allows you to rotate your phone and use it either in landscape or portrait mode. It easily fits on your car’s air vents, keeping it secure. 

affordable magnetic car phone holder

The flexibility of the phone holder gives you the freedom to use the phone using one hand only. The stability and protection from padded material keep your phone safe from any damage. 

You can get the UGreen phone holder here.

Price: $3.30

#6 – Windshield Gravity Sucker Phone Holder

The windshield phone holder comes from the GTWIN 3C Store, which has been selling on AliExpress since 2017. It has positive feedback of 97.2 percent. 

Unlike all other phone holders mentioned yet, this one does not attach to the air vents. The sticky cup is powerful to stick to any surface. The holder has a 360-degrees rotation, making it easy for you to move around your phone while driving. 

Gravity Sucker Phone Holder

It keeps the phone steady and safe. The design allows you to charge your phone without issues when driving. The holder has a non-slip and shock absorption design that protects your phone.

The length of the phone holder is adjustable, which is a great benefit. 

You can get the windshield gravity phone holder here.

Price: $4.49

#7 – Universal Magnet Mount Phone Holder

Baseus has been selling on AliExpress since 2014, and it is one of the Top Brands on the e-commerce platform. It has over one million followers with positive feedback of 97.5 percent. 

The magnetic car phone holder from the store has over 15 thousand orders. It is available in three colors – gold, silver, and rose gold. The phone holder allows for 360-degrees rotation, which is a great feature. It comes with four neodymium magnets in a closed field; the strength, however, does not hamper your phone’s signal and connectivity. 

Your phone stays secure, no matter how bumpy your ride is. It is suitable for phones with screens between 4 and 6.4 inches. 

You can get the magnetic car phone holder here.

Price: $4.49

#8 – Panda Car Phone Holder

The bear car phone holder comes from the 3C Current Store, which has positive feedback of 94.5 percent. The product has over 6 thousand orders, and why not? It is adorable just as much as it is functional

I love the panda face on it; the quirky design adds a nice touch of cuteness to the holder. When you are not using it to hold your phone, it turns out to be a pleasing accessory for your car. 

cute car mount holder

The holder carries your phone securely; retraction of the phone is easy and does not require any force. The design of the holder is such that it leaves space for easy charging. 

The phone holder is suitable for phones with screens between 4 and 6.5 inches. 

You can get the bear car phone here.

Price: $1.99

Cheap and Good car phone holder

These were some of my favorite car phone holders from AliExpress. They are affordable and do not empty your pockets. However, price is not the only factor that makes it my favorites (and yours too now, right?). Apart from the unbelievable prices, these car phone holders are functional. They are secure and ensure that your phone remains safe.

The designs of all these holders are carefully designed to make it easy for you to use your phones, even when driving. Now, no matter how bumpy your ride is, you do not have to worry about your phone. With these phone holders, you can use your phone the way you like it. The design of these holders also makes charging your phone an easy task. There is no need to retract your phone from the holder to charge it anymore. 

So, what are you waiting for now? Get one of these car phone holders for your phone today. Choose the holder that suits your phone and your requirements.  

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