Best Chinese Handheld Game Console 2019

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We have curated game handheld console with built in games. We love Handheld Console #5 the best. Yes it is expensive but it brings the best gaming experience.

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All the handheld game console provides advanced characteristics and functions. The game console is largely controlled and manipulated with a controller and is a form of interactive and innovative multimedia device which is used for entertainment. Being portable was another question brought up by the industry which had handheld systems. We are here to review the Best Handheld Console of all time.

chinese game console

Chinese Handheld Game Consoles with Built in Games

There are various unique types of games out there. This game appears extremely intense. The very first and simplest way that we are able to play old games is to get a remaster or a port. The previous way which we may play old games is the conventional way. The optimal/optimally thing to do is to make certain that you get enough practice with every one of the games you’re playing and also practice with different players so you locate a safe method of playing without producing the possibility for small or big injuries to occur. Though you’ll have to pay upfront, you would receive a major choice of games at a significantly faster download speed.


Best Handheld Console 2019 on Aliexpress

#1 – High quality 4.3 Inch Ultra-Thin 8GB Memory Handheld Video Game Console – $32.99

handheld game console aliepxress Product – High quality 4.3 Inch Ultra-Thin 8GB Memory handheld game player Video Game Console MP5 Music Player Take pictures game console

handheld game console cheap

This white color game player somewhat resembles the old Nintendo. Why we put this up as No 1 is because it is

  1. Extreme portable
  2. Nice White color
  3. Good Handheld size
  4. Cheap!
  5. Good screen size of 4.3inch

best handheld game console 2019 Product – High quality 4.3 Inch Ultra-Thin 8GB Memory handheld game player Video Game Console MP5 Music Player Take pictures game console

We love how this game console is designed. White is one of the best color to go for. As a gift this works best.

Grab this at $32.99 now!


#2 – 5.0 Large Screen Handheld Game Player Support TV Out Put With MP3/Movie Game Console – $35.19

handheld console games review

Produced by one of the largest and reputable Chinese console maker – Datafrog. This piece of Chinese game console has one of the best features. It can support movie playback, take pictures, ebook and image browsing. Product – New Arrival 5.0 Large Screen Handheld Game Player Support TV Out Put With MP3/Movie Camera Multimedia Video Game Console

cheapest handheld game console Product – 2017 New Arrival 5.0 Large Screen Handheld Game Player Support TV Out Put With MP3/Movie Camera Multimedia Video Game Console

Large 8GB of memory with hundreds of games built in. This is one of the best catch for sure.

Grab this at $35.19 only!


#3 – NEW HOT 3.0 Inch Portable Handheld Game Console with Childhood Classic Games – $14.99

Well Datafrog is one of the best brand available on Aliexpress selling Game consoles. Buy with ease. Check out how many games were installed by clicking on the link below!


top handheld game console Product – 2016 NEW HOT Childhood Classic Game With 888888 Games 3.0 Inch 8-Bit PVP Portable Console

Walk away with this cheap game console at $14.99!


#4 – Retro Mini Handheld Console 3inch  – $17.59

handheld console of all time

Childhood game on gameboy lookalike console. This is a brick lovers favorite. Built in 168 games available. This item is one of the best dropshipped item in 2019. Here you do not need to buy from a source that cost you $30 or more. Here straight from supplier it cost just $17.

best game console for kid

We have seen many sites that do dropship carries this game console at a big margin. So why buy expensive while you can buy cheap here.

Price: $17.59


#5 – New GPD XD 5inch Handheld Game Unit – $220.94

best handheld game console aliexpress

GPD is a solid brand you may not have heard of before. They specialize in handheld devices and this is their most ambitious product so far – packing a full Windows 10 PC into a device the size of a Nintendo DS.

The Atom X7-Z8700 processor is the higher end Atom processor and delivers great performance for a mini PC. But it’s not enough to support popular AAA titles like GTA V and Rocket League. The best I could do on GTA V was about 15-20 frames per second and about 20-25 FPS on Rocket League with the lowest settings.

Battery life is awesome  with maybe 5 hours of moderate usage.

Price: $220.

The gripe involves the controller. While it’s comfortable and well placed it does not have clickable thumbsticks. It instead moved those buttons to the side of the built-in keyboard.

best game console china

The onboard keyboard is decent and reminds me of an old blackberry. I did not have any unintended keypresses when using the game controller component.


Here’s the real thing that sets the GPD Win apart from a Nintendo DS, PlayStation Vita, or even an Android-powered gaming handheld: it’s a full-fledged PC.

Sure, it’s not the most powerful computer money can buy. But it has enough horsepower for some surprisingly decent gaming experiences.

Now, keep in mind, I’m not a hardcore gamer. So I haven’t done extensive tests with bleeding edge PC games. But we did try a few titles as below.

good quality game console


Yes we know this cost more $50, but at $220 this is like having a full system of PC held on your hand. With a 1 year warranty from the supplier, this gadget is something we would strongly recommend.

Price: $220.

Buying Handheld Console from Aliexpress

Simple, above consoles are reviewed from top sellers. Sellers whom have good feedback score. These electronics should be ship pretty fast to your country. If you do not receive in less than 4 weeks. Raise a dispute. Aliexpress will take care for you.

Hope this article bring back your childhood memories.


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