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best handheld console of all time

The adrenaline of playing those video games with your friends is unmatchable! The excitement of waiting for a new game to be released is unbeatable! Gaming is not just a childhood obsession, in fact, it is one of the most popular interests of adults across the world. 

What’s as exciting as gaming itself is owning a good console. All handheld game consoles provide advanced characteristics and functions. Game consoles are largely controlled and manipulated with a controller and are a form of interactive and innovative multimedia device which is used for entertainment. 

We are here to review the Best Handheld Consoles of all time.

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Chinese Handheld Game Consoles with Built in Games

There are various unique types of games out there. Some games appear extremely intense while others are quite simple. The very first and simplest way that we can play old games is to get a remaster or a port. The way we used to play these games earlier was the conventional way.

The best thing to do is to make certain that you get enough practice with every one of the games you’re playing and also practice with different players so that you locate a safe method of playing without producing the possibility for small or big injuries to occur. Speaking about the price of these games, they are usually a bit expensive but you can get deals. Though you’ll have to pay upfront, you would receive a major choice of games at a significantly faster download speed.

Best Handheld Console on Aliexpress 2021

#1 – High quality 4.3 Inch Ultra-Thin 8GB Memory Handheld Video Game Console

handheld game console aliepxress
handheld game console cheap
Grab this at $29.99 now!

This handheld console with an in built game is a wonderful choice for all those ardent gamers out there. You can play your games on this in HD mode, giving you the real experience. The screen is wide and this can be connected to your computer with ease. It comes in a size that is thin, light in weight, can be carried around and doesn’t feel cumbersome when held by hand. 

This gaming console resembles the old Nintendo to a large extent. If you used to be a fan of the Nintendo, you will love this. Here are the reasons why this has ranked number 1 on our list:

  1. Easily portable
  2. Available in a nice White color
  3. Good Handheld size
  4. Cheap!
  5. Has a comfortable screen size of 4.3inch
best handheld game console 2019

We love how this game console is designed. White is one of the best colors to go for. At the price this is sold, it can be a great gift for your best buddy. 


X12 PLUS 5.1 inch Handheld Video Game Console 8GB Built-in 2000 Games for PSP FC GBA NES Game Player
Color: Blue/Red
Screen size: 5.1 inch
Built-in games: 2000
Battery capacity: 1800 mAh
Download method: Connect to the computer USB port to download
Support game types: support for FC, GB, GBA, GBC, MD, NES, SFC, PS, arcade
Video format: BMVB, FLV, AVI, MP4, 3GP (supports 1080* 720P video playback)
First music format: MP3, WMA, WAV, etc.

Grab this at $29.99 now!

#2 – 5.0 Large Screen Handheld Game Player Support TV Out Put With MP3/Movie Game Console

handheld console games review

Push boredom away and make your days more interesting with this handheld gaming console. This is manufactured by one of the largest and most reputable Chinese console makers, called, Datafrog. This piece of Chinese game console has some of the best features you would ever come across. It can support movie playback, take pictures, pull up ebooks and allows image browsing.

cheapest handheld game console

This comes with a large memory of 8GB and has hundreds of games already built in. At the reasonable price this is sold for, it is one of the best consoles you can buy for sure.

Display: 4.3 inches
Resolution: 800*480
Game function: Support for 128-bit arcade game NES GBA SFC SMD 71
Video format: Support AVI RMVB. MPEG, VOB, RM, FLV 3GP, MP4 and other full format playback
Music format: Support APE, MP3, WMA, ACC, FLAC and other formats
Picture format: Support browsing in JPEG, BMP, GIF format
Support functions: Radio (optional), e-book, external sound, recording, clock, perpetual calendar, calculator
Capacity expansion: Support TF card capacity 128MB – 16GB
Product size: 172x74x22mm/6.77×2.91×0.87in

Grab this at $35.60 only!

#3 – NEW HOT 4.3 Inch Portable Handheld Game Console with Childhood Classic Games – $30.72

handheld game console aliexpress review

Datafrog is certainly one of the best brands available on Aliexpress selling Game consoles. It is a leading gaming console manufacturer across China, reputed for selling good quality consoles that are efficient and durable. This is a brand that you can trust and buy from with ease.  

This console comes in a neat black colour, designed to fit in the palms of your hands. The buttons are placed for effective gaming without straining your fingers. The screen is large enough for your gaming needs and has good clarity. 

top handheld game console

Support various simulators FC / GBA / NES / NEOGEO / SNES games and more. You can download all the games for free, and you can also review classic games that you can’t play because of your study, work and study.

Color pictures and realistic game sounds enhance the gaming experience!

Check out how many games are already installed by clicking on the link below!

Walk away with this cheap game console at $30.72!

#4 – Retro Mini Handheld Console 3inch  – $28.99

mini game console aliexpress china

As a child, if you loved playing games, there are huge chances that you would have used a Gameboy, especially to play the very famous “Brick” game!

Bring back your childhood memories and relive those moments with this gaming console, designed to look just like a Gameboy. Pre-loaded with 168 games, this will soon become your favourite and you will need no other gadget to pass your time. 

This item is one of the best dropshipped item in 2019 and is expected to be on the top of the list in 2020 as well. Speaking about the price, you do not need to buy from a source that costs you $30 or more. Buy directly from Aliexpress, straight from the supplier’s store and it will cost you just around $17.

best game console for kid

We have come across many sites that do dropship and carry this game console at a higher price. So why spend so much when you can buy it for much cheaper here!

Price: $28.99

#5 – New 5inch Handheld Game Unit – $112

We finally come to number 5 on our list. It might be the last one on our list, but believe me, it’s the best, and hands down, my favourite. You’ll see why!

GPD is a brand name you may or may not have heard of before. They specialize in handheld devices and this is their most ambitious product so far – packing a full Windows 10 PC into a device the size of a Nintendo DS.

The Atom X7-Z8700 processor is the higher end among Atom processors and delivers great performance for a mini PC. But it’s not enough to support popular AAA titles like GTA V and Rocket League. The best I could do on GTA V was about 15-20 frames per second and about 20-25 FPS on Rocket League with the lowest settings.

This console comes with an awesome battery life. It can last almost 5 hours with moderate usage.

Price: $196.39

The gripe involves the controller. While it’s comfortable and well placed it does not have clickable thumbsticks. This innovative design has instead moved those buttons to the side of the built-in keyboard.

best game console china

The onboard keyboard is quite decent and reminds me of an old blackberry. It is quite convenient to use. I did not have any unintended keypresses when using the game controller component.


Here’s the real thing that sets the GPD Win apart from a Nintendo DS, PlayStation Vita, or even an Android-powered gaming handheld: it’s a full-fledged PC.

Sure, it’s not the most powerful computer that money can buy. But it has enough horsepower for some surprisingly decent gaming experiences. It is also very sleek and stylish to look at. 

Now, keep in mind, I’m not a hardcore gamer. So I haven’t done extensive tests with bleeding edge PC games. But we did try a few titles as listed below.

Coming to the price, yes, we do know that this costs at least an extra $50, but at $220 this is like having a full system of PC held in your hand. With a 1 year warranty from the supplier, this gadget is something we would strongly recommend.

Price: $112

Buying Handheld Game Console from Aliexpress

To make it very simple for you, the above list of consoles have been reviewed from the top sellers. These are sellers who have good feedback scores and great reviews from genuine customers who have purchased from them. These electronics should be shipped pretty fast to your country. If you do not receive in less than 4 weeks, raise a complaint and Aliexpress will take care of it for you.

Hope this article was successful in bringing back your childhood memories. It should have helped you decide what type of console you want, what types of games you want to explore and in what price range. So, what are you waiting for? Buy the console you love best and start gaming right away!


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