Best Chinese MP3 Players with Bluetooth on Aliexpress 2023 – For all Budget

by Spiddy Tan

best aliexpress mp3 players

Audiobooks are gaining popularity today. Gone are the days when we would carry bulky books in our handbag. Now, the world of books is in a pocket. You can carry a portable MP3 player around with you and listen to your favorite books and songs wherever and whenever. Bluetooth MP3 players for audiobooks are truly one of the greatest inventions, especially for people like me, who need their books every time with them.

Why should you get a bluetooth MP3 player?

I love reading and so, I always carry at least one book in my purse. I read it when I am commuting or sitting somewhere. However, it is not always possible for us to carry our heavy and bulky books with us.

Imagine you are out to meet a friend after a long time, and because you are out for a brunch, you have not brought your regular handbag or purse. Your friend is late and there is nothing for you to do apart from scrolling aimlessly through your Instagram feed. And that is when you start missing the story you were reading. So, what can be done? A CD player, of course!

A MP3 player is small, compact, and portable, which means you can carry it around, just like you would carry your phone. However, do not go by its size. This small and wonderful device gives you access to your favorite books. You can listen to that engrossing tale wherever you wish to. With a MP3 player, it is no longer necessary to get bored while waiting for someone.

You need a MP3 BLUETTOOTH player because –

  • It is small, compact, and easy to carry.
  • It gives you access to your favorite books at all times.
  • It is relatively cheaper than your printed books.
  • It can double up as a music player.

With these benefits, how can you deny that you need a portable CD player for Audiobooks in your life today!

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Where to get the best bluetooth enabled Chinese MP3 players?

When looking for affordable but high-quality MP3 players for audiobooks, there is no better place than AliExpress. This eCommerce giant has numerous sellers who bring to you some of the best MP3 players.

I have brought to you some of the best portable MP3 players for your audiobooks in this article. If you are looking to invest in one, give one of these options a try! You will not be disappointed.

Best Budget MP3 Players under $100 on Aliexpress

#1 – Ruizu Bluetooth MP3 player

The Ruizu portable CD player is sleek and stylish. It can easily fit into your pocket, making it easy to carry around with you. This phone-like CD player interprets texts well and supports numerous languages, including Danish, Polish, Thai, Korean, and Japanese, among others.

best portable player for audiobooks

The 1.8-inch display has a resolution of 126*160. Since the device supports Bluetooth connectivity, you can listen to your favorite books using Bluetooth headset. The CD player comes with a 300 mA polymer battery. The finishing of the product is excellent with good sound quality.

With the package, you get a CD player, a USB cable, a manual, as well as a headphone.

cd player audiobook mp3 aliexpress

You can choose from different options, depending on the memory size you want. The options available include 8 GB, 16 GB, 40 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB. If you buy the CD player with low in-built memory, you can use a TF card to expand the memory up to 128 GB. There are also three colors to choose from – black, silver, and red.

You can get this portable CD player here.

Price: $23.99

#2 – Mini Clip Player with Bluetooth

There are many things about this portable CD player that will make you want it. But there is one thing that really makes me a huge fan, and that is the mini clip. The clip lets you clip this CD player to the pocket of your jeans, or literally anywhere. Thanks to the clip, you do not need to find a place in your bag to keep it (even though it hardly takes any space). Simply clip it on and you will always have your portable CD player with you!

audiobooks in cars

And that’s not all! You will be surprised to know that this CD player has been designed keeping in mind your convenience. The back shell of the CD player that has the clip can easily be detached. What to do then? With this CD player, you get a complimentary watch strap and you can easily attach the CD player to the watch strap. And voila! You have a custom watch that plays you your favorite audiobooks.

cd player

The CD player has a full touch screen display with a resolution of 320*240. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it is one of the most portable CD players available for you. You can get either the 8 GB player or the 16 GB one. However, you cannot expand the memory. So, if you have tons of books or music to store, get this CD player with 16 GB in-built memory.

The CD player supports Bluetooth, so you can easily connect your Bluetooth headphones to listen to that gripping story. Special care has been given to the product. It has four types of eye protection modes as well as 10 levels of adjustable brightness.

The package comes with a CD player, a USB cable, an earphone, a manual, a back clip, and a complimentary silicone watch strap. You can choose from four color options – black, silver, red, and blue.

You can get it here.

Price: $26.59

#3 – Qosea MP3 Player

The CD player looks like a hi-tech device but is very easy to use it. This BLUETOOTH player can hold your audiobooks and music up to 16 GB. There is also an 8 GB variation available. The Bluetooth multiplayer comes with a 2.4-inch crystal screen display. You can use the CD player for multiple purposes including reading eBooks, recording, FM radio, and listening to music.

portable cd player aliexpress

The highly intelligent digital noise reduction chip ensures that you get the highest quality audio to enhance your experience. The perfect sound makes you want to listen to your book for hours, which is perfect, thanks to its long-lasting in-built battery. After a full charge of 2-3 hours, it can read your books for about 30 hours.

The advanced technology used in this CD player allows for faster transmission speed, as well as stable performance and anti-jamming capabilities. Also, the buttons and volume control knob makes it easy to operate it. You can easily perform basic functions such as control the volume and go to Menu.

best buy cd portable player

You can get this Qosea CD player here.

Price: $32.74

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#4 – Mrobo Portable mp3 Player

The Mrobo CD player looks stylish and is packed with excellent features. There are four memory options to choose from – 4 GB, 8 GB, 20 GB, and 40 GB. You can expand the memory up to 64 GB.

It has several features such as an alarm clock, recording, eBook reading, and music player. Thanks to its powerful battery, it can work up to at least 80 hours. Imagine how wonderful it would be to listen to your favorite book for so long without worrying about the battery. It has a standby time of 200 hours.

bluetooth portable cd player aliexpress

There is no Bluetooth connectivity but you can connect your headphones using the 3.5mm audio jack. The CD player also comes with in-built speakers that let you listen to your e-book without earphones or headphones.

The package comes with a CD player, a manual, an earphone, and a USB cable. It is available in three colors – white, gray, and blue.

You can get this Mrobe CD player here.

Price: $17.10

#5 – RedAnt portable mp3 Player

The RedAnt portable CD player comes in six different memory sizes, ranging from 4 GB to 40 GB. The 20 GB, 32 GB, and 40 GB variations have in-built memory of 4 GB, 8 GB, and 16 GB, respectively. These variations come with an additional memory card. You can expand the memory using a TF card up to 128 GB.

The MP3 player supports 25 languages, including German, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, and Indonesian, among others. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to listen using your Bluetooth headphones.

portable cd player audiobook

If you do not wish to use headphones, you can use the in-built speaker to listen to your favorite e-book and music. What more? The player also has FM radio, allowing you to enjoy music whenever you wish to.

The touch keys on the player offer easy operation. You can easily control the device using these touch keys.

audiobook player

The package comes with the MP3 player, USB cable, earphone, and a manual. It is available in four color options – black, gray, blue, and pink.

You can get it here.

Price: $15.02

Did you find the CHEAP AND GOOD MP3 player?

These were the five best portable MP3 players for your audio books. They have the best functions, memory space, and looks that make it a desirable choice. You can choose any of the players mentioned above to get the best experience. Now, enjoy your audiobooks wherever and whenever, without having to carry a bulky book with you!


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