10 Best Apple Pencil Alternatives for iPad

by Spiddy Tan

The Apple Pencil is a tool that is best suited for many creative applications. But the Apple Pencil is not just exorbitantly priced but also works only in conjunction with the iPad pro. If you want an Apple Pencil like stylus then there are many options to choose from. A stylus enables you with more control on how you use your touchscreen device.

A whole world of opportunities opens up for people who need a pen to channel their creativity or may want to take notes or draw up quick reference diagrams. It opens up a plethora of opportunities for the user. A stylus like this is compatible with not just Apple but other devices as well bringing in more scope to the user who may posses multiple brands of devices.



Top 10 Alternatives to the Apple Pencil


1. Baseus Universal Stylus Pen Multifunction Screen Touch Pen

apple pencil alternative

The Stylus works well on Samsung’s Note 8 and iPad and iPad Pro as well as Amazon fire. It comes in a nice cardboard packaging along with instructions. Both the disc and writing tip are replaceable. It has magnetic cap, suitable for writing, sketching and even gaming. It is gentle on the screen. The sensitive fiber like tip gives you the feeling of using a normal pen.  

best apple pencil alternative

It comes in two color, black and silver.

Price: $8.43


2. PINZHENG 2 In 1 Universa Stylus Touch Pen

aliexpress apple pencil replica

The smart stylus can be used for anything from taking notes to creating design on your smart devices, and it offers fine-tuned precision, it is extremely pressure sensitive which makes it seem like using a pen on a notebook. It has a copper tip. There are indicators on the stylus to notify you on charging. The stylus cap acts as a protector for the tip. The pen works great for taking notes, drawing diagrams and also for playing games.

Price: $2.90


3. Wiwu High Precision Pencil

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A great stylus at an unbelievably lower price. Easy to operate. Comes in various colors. The metal of the pen is not very good but that does not interrupt with its functioning. It has an attractive look to it but finishing could have been better. It works well on both tabs and PDAs. So it works on almost all touch screen devices. It is very light in weight and comfortable to hold.

Price: $28.40


4. KINGMAS Active Capacitor K-825

aliexpress pencil for ipad

This stylus is a perfect match for iPad pro. But it also works on any capacitive screen. The charging time would be anywhere between 60-80 minutes and battery would last for 10-12 hours. It even has an intelligent function of turning off when not in use for 30 minutes. It has a great application. Does not feel abrasive to the screen. Very easy to use without any hindrance can be used on the touchscreen device. The sensitivity of this pen is the best feature it has to offer.

Price: $18.40


5. Suntaiho for Apple Pencil Stylus Pen

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It is a stylus that is highly compatible with apple device and does not cost much. It also works well with other devices. It offers great grip. It has replacement caps and the charging case is also quite good. The battery charges fast and lasts about a day depending on your usage. It looks great and the finishing is also good.

Price: $24


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6. Targus Smooth Glide Stylus Pen


This pen actually works like a normal pen too! As the name suggests it is very smooth and glides effortlessly on the touch screen. The rubber tip is specifically designed to protect your glass surface from any corrosion while you write, sketch or play on your device. This stylus is very affordable and compatible with ios and android devices. It looks very stylish and is well designed.

Price: $8.99



7. Amazon Basic Executive Stylus 

A popular choice among many stylus users. It is popular not just because it is extremely cheap but also because it functions very well. It is highly functional in getting precise result which your fingertip can not deliver. It can be used to take notes or even sketch but the end result might not be precise. But what it does is that it fulfils all basic requirements.

Price: $7.95


8. Ciscle Disc Stylus

Though it does not offer pressure sensitive tip, but it certainly is a class apart when it comes to precision. It is the best that you get at this price range. The design is well-suited for multi-purpose use. It has a firm and superior grip. The design is enhanced by an anodized aluminium. They also give you two replacement tip, again a good bargain at this price. So you need not worry of breaking a tip by accident as you already have two other tips at hand. It offers good compatibility with various touchscreen devices.

Price: $9.99


9. CADA Drawing Stylus

As the name suggests, this is a great stylus to meet all your basic drawing needs. All thanks to the precision disc tip that it uses which gives the user superior control. It works great for scribbles or taking handy notes, it lacks the ability to deliver very fine details. But if you are a master at using stylus, you will be able to maneuver more with this stylus in hand. Just be reminded it does not have a pressure tip.

Price: $11.99


10. MEKO Universal Disc Stylus 

This stylus offers two tips to suit your different needs. At such an affordable price, you almost get two stylus at the price of one. The fibre tip lets you have a smooth finish to your writing requirements while the precision tip brings in accuracy. The stylus has a sophisticated look to it and comes with superior grip through rubber encasing. It might appear bulky for some, but its looks make a style statement in its own right. You also get six replaceable tips which is much more than any other stylus replacement offer.

Price: $16.99



Buying Apple Pencil Alternatives

If you have ever used an Apple Pencil, then you would see that any stylus from our list above has similar functions but available for cheaper price. All of these helps you interact successfully with your touch screen device.


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