Best Allbirds Dupes and Alternatives

by Tollo Francis

best allbirds alternatives

When Allbirds launched their first shoe, the Wool Runner, in 2016, they became an instant hit for their comfort, breathable materials, high-performance design, and their focus on sustainable materials. Five years later, Allbirds sneakers have garnered international attention, with newer releases like the Tree Runner, the Tree Lounger, the Wool Piper, and more, they’ve become one of the hottest brands.

Everybody wants to get their hands on the latest and greatest Allbirds shoes, but they have yet to offer international shipping, leaving markets around the world unserved. While Allbirds is trying to get those global shipping pipelines organized, the fact of the matter is consumers like you and me want comfortable, casual shoes today.

Fortunately, there are some great, affordable options out there to tide us over until Allbirds finally becomes available internationally. Plus, if you’re looking to save up for when Allbirds do become available, there are some great deals on comfy, casual sneakers online if you know where to look.

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Top 9 Best Allbirds Alternatives on Aliexpress

With an emphasis on comfort, breathability, and trendy casual design for the modern sneakerhead, here are some of the best Allbirds alternatives you can buy right now on Aliexpress:

1. HAJINK Snug Knit Casual Sneakers – Allbirds Copy

cheaper alternative to allbirds

One of the top-performing casual sneakers on Aliexpress, the HAJINK Snug Knit Casual Sneakers have rightfully earned their spot as a perennial Aliexpress best-seller. Featuring a snug, laceless slip-on design, these sneakers are comfortable and convenient. Plus, with their knitted construction and lightweight materials, the HAJINK Snug Knit Casual Sneakers get pretty close to Allbirds’ knack for breathability and comfort.

The HAJINK Snug Knit Casual Sneakers are available in Women’s sizes from US 5 to US 10.5, and come in six (6) distinct colors for style and functionality. These colors are: Black, Gray, Green, Pink, Purple, and White.

Price: $7.14

2. VEAMORS Women’s Lightweight Sneakers

allbirds alternatives

One of our favorite casual sneakers to date, the VEAMORS Women’s Lightweight Sneakers combine trendy looks with comfortable construction tol make for a great daily sneaker. Plus, it has the unique quality of being available in two different ‘builds’, so-to-speak. You can get it in ‘Four Seasons’, which features a dense mesh upper for versatile, year-round use. Alternatively, you can get it in ‘Summer Style’, which features a hollowed-out upper for even better lightweight, breathable comfort and performance.

Currently available in a range of Women’s sizes – from EU 35 to EU 42 – these fashionable lightweight sneakers from VEAMORS make a great addition to any wardrobe. Plus, with the variety of colors it comes in, you’ll be able to mix and match these low-cost, high-quality sneakers with any outfit. Colors include: Grey, White, Pink, Red, Purple, and Black.

Price: $11.36

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3. UETEEY Women’s Comfortable Casual Sneakers

best alternative to albirds

Clean and simple with a minimalist, single-tone design, the UETEEY Women’s Comfortable Casual Sneakers are a fantastic choice for anyone looking for every-day wearable comfort and breathability at very affordable prices. Featuring a lightweight, breathable mesh, robust cushioning, and thick, easy-to-grip laces, these sneakers won’t ever feel out of place outdoors, at school, or even at work.

The UETEEY Women’s Comfortable Casual Sneakers come in EU 35 to EU 43 Women’s sizes, and are available in Black, Pink, Grey, Red, or White.

Price: $9.38

4. AIRAVATA Women’s Breathable Outdoor Sports Sneakers

allbirds copy women

If you plan to do some light exercise in your super-comfy, super-breathable casual sneakers, then we recommend getting a pair that comes with some extra cushioning and support. Combining an affordable price with comfortable, yet sturdy air-bubble cushioning, as well as breathable mesh for that similar Allbirds feel, the AIRAVATA Women’s Breathable Outdoor Sports Sneakers are the way to go. The secret to the comfort of the AIRAVATA is the lightweight breathable mesh and effective shock absorption.

The AIRAVATA Women’s Breathable Outdoor Sports Sneakers are available from EU Size 35 to Size 42, and come in a range of colors, including: a sleek Black, a clean, well-accented White, a two-tone Pink/Gray, just Pink, Purple, Red, and another two-tone blue/purple and pink/black color combinations.

Price: $15.66

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5. RUNSUN DAILY Women’s Casual Sneakers

best fake allbirds shoes

For added convenience, the RUNSUN DAILY Women’s Casual Sneakers also come with No Tie laces for less prep time when you get ready to go out. A breathable mesh upper combined with a more comfortable insole and non-slip bottom makes these sneakers the perfect go-to whether it’s for work, school, or play.

The RUNSUN Daily Women’s Casual Sneakers are available in sizes from EU 35 to EU 42, as well as five (5) different colors, including: White & Blue, Black & Purple, Black & Sky Blue, Pink & Gray, and a classic Red.


6. QZHSMY Alisa Men’s Breathable Casual Sneakers – Cheap Alternatives to Allbirds

fake allbirds shoes

Of course, Allbirds doesn’t just cater to Women, so we’ve found some fantastic alternatives for Men, too. Taking up the top spot – at least for Men – are the QZHSMY Alisa Men’s Breathable Casual Sneakers, which have consistently performed at the top of the Aliexpress best-seller list. These sneakers are made with a breathable mesh, as well as a breathable inner-lining to ensure comfort, confidence, and satisfaction all day long. Plus, thanks to the tough, water-resistant, support-capable, and yet super-soft and comfortable outsole, these shoes are a treat to wear anywhere.

TheQZHSMY Alisa Men’s Breathable Casual Sneakers are available in Men’s US sizes from 6.5 to 15, as well as three (3) colors, including: Black, Gray, and White.

Price: $12.75

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7. AGILESTAR Men’s Lightweight Steel Toe Work Boots

allbirds styles \

If you’re looking for something casual and lightweight, but still sturdy enough to offer plenty of protection for even the most demanding tasks and workdays, then we highly recommend the AGILESTAR Men’s Lightweight Steel Toe Work Boots. AGILESTAR is well-known for its high build quality and wide selection of shoes and other kinds of footwear, but with these Men’s Lightweight Steel Toe Boots, they managed to combine lightweight performance, trendy, modern aesthetics, with all of that rugged, hard protection, and we’re definitely impressed.

Made with breathable mesh, lightweight flying fabric, and softer, more durable rubber for the outsole, the AGILESTAR Men’s Lightweight Steel Toe Work Boots that punches way above its price point, both in terms of quality, comfort, and overall feel of the sneakers. The stab proof Kevlar sole adds a modicum of security and confidence, while the anti-skid outsole helps out a lot in all kinds of activity, particularly when it’s wet.

The AGILESTAR Men’s Lightweight Steel Toe Work Boots are available in EU 36 to EU 48 Men’s sizes, as well as seven (7) different color and styling options to choose from. These include: the Black XS3-01 with some modern gray and blue accents, the Black and Red XS3-03 the standard White, the Black XS3-02 with white accents, as well as Yellow 792.

Price: $30.43

8. AIRAVATA Lightweight Knit Sneakers – Allbirds Styles

alternatives to allbirds style

If you liked the sportier AIRAVATAs on this list, but would prefer something just a tad bit less sports-oriented and more casual-oriented, then the AIRAVATA Lightweight Knit Sneakers might just be exactly what you’re looking for. Featuring one of the trendiest sneaker designs in 2021, these sneakers make for a great pair for daily use. Lightweight, comfortable, and breathable thanks to the knitted construction, the AIRAVATA Lightweight Knit Sneakers are as affordable as they are versatile – and as you can see for yourself, they are amazingly affordable.

The AIRAVATA Lightweight Knit Sneakers are available in Men’s Sizes from EU 35 to EU 48, and come in a variety of colors, including: All Black, Red & Black, Green & Black, and Gold & Black.

Price: $10.57

9. BTMOTTZ Men’s Breathable Slip On Casual Sneakers

allbirds men alternatives

Whether it’s for a daily run, a morning walk, a casual stroll at the park or just a fashion statement for anywhere you go, the BTMOTTZ Men’s Breathable Slip On Casual Sneakers are comparable to some other more expensive brands, including Allbirds. WIth their slip-on design, and lightweight, breathable inner, these shoes are plenty versatile and can be used just about anywhere.

The BTMOTTZ Men’s Breathable Slip On Casual Sneakers are available from US Men’s sizes U.S. Size 6 to U.S.

Get the BTMOTTZ Men’s Breathable Slip On Casual Sneakers now on Aliexpress.

Final Thoughts – Buying Allbirds Alternatives

Allbirds are comfortable, lightweight, breathable, and made from sustainable materials, and if they were available internationally, we wouldn’t even hesitate to place an order and get in on one of the trendiest fashion statements of the past few years running. However, until Allbirds become available to the global audience without having to go through all the hoops of shipment consolidation and third-party services, any of the Allbirds alternatives mentioned on this list should provide plenty of comfort and style to tide us over until then.

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