Best Aliexpress Makeup Eyeshadow Palette 2022

by Tollo Francis

Eyeshadow Palette Aliexpress Review

You may find an eyeshadow palette to be quite intimidating at first, but believe me, it is quite fun to play around with it. You only need to learn how to use it properly, and then there is no stopping you. When looking for eyeshadow palettes, the one place that comes to mind is AliExpress. This eCommerce website has tons of sellers selling some amazing palettes that can help you add those artistic swipes on your eyes.

Today, we have brought to you some of the best AliExpress eyeshadow palettes to bring out the joy of painting your eyes and letting them speak for themselves. Are you ready? Continue reading!

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Top AliExpress Eyeshadow Palettes

Novo Eyeshadow Palette

aliexpress eyeshawdow palette

The Novo eyeshadow palette has 10 rich colors. If you are looking for both matte and shimmery shades, you should check this one out. The colors are soft and refined and can be layered together. The long-lasting and pigmented colors can help you achieve several different kinds of look, right from natural eyes to glitzy and glamorous. There are four different color palettes that you can choose from.

Here’s what the customers have to say –

“The wand was well packed. In the protective air bag. Got a whole and unharmed! Pigmentation is weak, as the entire pigment remains on the fingers, the base will be super. Colors liked! Super thanks!”

“The palette is very good, the shadows are pigmented, hang out very easily, enjoy, but you will need to fix the spray, otherwise it is very bad to hold. A separate plus for packaging, but a huge minus for delivery, went sooo long, already thought that it was lost, threw in the mailbox. Makeup on the photo is pure Test and for recall, so not neat”

Check it out

IMAGIC Charming Eyeshadow Palette

IMAGIC Charming Eyeshadow Palette

The next palette on our list is the Imagic Charming Eyeshadow that truly has been charming customers on AliExpress. If you are someone who loves to swirl right from an office look to a party look, you will love this palette. The 16 colors palette has shades that are soft and beautiful; these colors will really help add a pop to your eyes.

The colors are highly pigmented and are easy to apply and blend. It is also waterproof and is lightweight, allowing you to go about your day comfortably.

Here’s what the customers have to say –

“Excellent shadows, pleased especially shimmery. Came in a bag of air, nothing beat. The brush is suitable for transferring shimmer shades. Shaded perfectly. Some matte colors are not very pigmented. In the photo of swatch without any base for shadows. Thanks to the seller for the excellent product at a good price.”

“The pallet came very quickly! About a week. Delivered home. Super. Quality is just a bomb. Glitters are very pigmented, saturated. There are duachromic, very beautiful. The product does not wake up. Dark matte is also resistant and well pigmented. I’m excited, thank you”

“Chic pallet, beautiful packing. Shadows are very pigmented, as a gift, the seller put the brush”

You can check it out here.

Zeesea Egypt Eyeshadow Palette

Zeesea Egypt Eyeshadow Palette aliexpress

The next on our list is this beautiful ad gorgeous 16 colors palette from Zeesea. These palettes are from the brand’s The British Museum series. Each of the 6 palettes that you can choose from has a story of its own. Before you look at the colors inside, it is the picture outside that will grab your attention.

The theme on this one is Sunset, and you will notice that the colors follow the theme. You will find a lot of pumpkin, warm green, and polarized blue tones. The palette is easy to carry around with you and can be used to create a variety of looks.

The colors are highly pigmented and the palette contains both matte and glittery shades that help you achieve different looks. You can use matte shades to get a natural effect, whereas, the glittery ones can help you achieve more glitz on special days.

Here’s what the customers have to say –

“Awesome palette of shadows, many colors, in the series that I took colors perfectly combined with each other. Packing and design is fire! Mirror (a large mirror, cool!) and the shadows themselves are protected by film. Shadows are well applied and during the day they keep well. I took it as a gift, but I was allowed to try. Very satisfied, I’ll buy another myself.”

“The pallet is wonderful! Definitely a gift option-both packing and decoration. The shadows themselves are not bad, but at the end of the day I rolled (but this is also a type of skin). I think I’ll take more myself and as a gift. It came about a month before Oslo.”

“Shadows are very good quality, the colors are very bright. When I made the makeup was delighted, I definitely recommend”

You can check it out here.

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BANXEER Eyeshadow Palette

top aliexpress Eyeshadow Palette

The Banxeer palette is next, which is again, a palette that is loved by customers. The palette has 15 shades that are highly pigmented and silky. These add a nice and light feel to your skin; these shades are also easy to blend. There are glitter shades in the palette, but the others have a slight shimmer too.

The waterproof and sweatproof formula will allow you to rock your eye look for the entire day, without worrying about heat or rain.

Here’s what the customers have to say –

“I took it as a gift, already the second, knowing the quality-I’m not ashamed to give it! Do not roll down, apply comfortably, odorless, the texture is pleasant! There are both festive colors and for every day!”

“The description corresponds to the product. The box itself with an interesting coating, as if velvet. Because of this, it is very nice to hold it in your hands. In the box there is a mirror, 15 shades, all with sparkles, all very beautiful. Of course, a little crumble, but not critical. In the photo there are 2 shades of shadows, I think, noticeably, as they shine and shimmer. I really liked it, I will order more. Keep well, even on my wet eyelids. The main thing is to use the base under the shade, they are even brighter. Thank you seller!”

You can check it out here.

Beauty Glazed Color Fusion Eyeshadow Palette

aliexpress eyeshadow

The Beauty Glazed Color Fusion palette gives you a tropical feel with its bright shades that are perfect for so many different looks. You will find that the rainbow colors have a matte finish and are super pigmented and long-lasting. With these colors, you can create a mysterious look for the night or a fun and preppy day look. With the warmer tones, you can also go subtle and natural.

Here’s what the customers have to say –

“Soft texture, easy to use, super saturated pigmentation! Compared with pink shades from the palette Huda Beauty rose gold (~ 4 K rub.), which clearly gave way to the quality of the palette beauty glazed. Ordered in Fri, sent to the Mon, took from the mail after 3 days.”

“Just a bomb, 11 out of 10. delivery 6 days from Russia. All colors are very good. The box is qualitatively packed, did not crumple. The colors are just bright. For fans of an interesting make, that’s it.”

You can check it out here.

YSDO Eyeshadow Palette

top eyeshadow makeup aliexpress

This is a 15 shades palette of neutral and subtle colors that help you achieve your everyday look. The colors are super pigmented and rich with a soft texture. These shades are easy to apply and blend to create numerous looks.

If you want something more fun and preppy, there are two more palette options for you. These have fun and bright colors as well as glittery shades for that fun look.

Here’s what the customers have to say –

“Excellent product! I loved it. It took him 2 months to arrive in Colombia but very satisfied with the product, good pigmentation and its beautiful shades for eyes and contour. Thanks to the seller”

“Good Pigmentation and colors look as they are shown in original photos.”

You can check it out here.

Aurora Borealis Eyeshadow Palette

which eyeshadow to buy aliexpress

I love the holographic palette of Aurora Borealis; it looks so chic and glamorous. The palette contains 18 excellent and super-pigmented shades. The combination of colors is such that you can easily create a morning look and sway to an evening look, without changing the palette. Everything that you might need is packed in one.

The texture is soft and delicate; it is easy to blend. The ingredients used are excellent that make the colors long-lasting and silky.

Here’s what the customers have to say –

“Great! Ultra-achieved, very good pigment, and colors are special. Recommended”

“I am very happy with my order, I arrive early and the products are very elegant, I recommend the seller”

You can check it out here.

Do you know whats the Best Beauty Products on Aliexpress?

MAANGE Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadow Palette popular aliexpress

Maange is a well-known brand on AliExpress and it is extremely popular for its makeup brushes, however, it also has other beauty products that are of great quality. Take for example this eyeshadow palette with 18 highly pigmented shades. The shades have a silky shine and last long on your eyes.

Here’s what the customers have to say –

“Fully corresponds to the description. Quality is good. Delivery to Moscow 17 days.”

“Thank you very much. I received it in a good condition”

You can check it out here.

Jessup Eyeshadow Palette

Jessup Eyeshadow Palette

The 12 color eyeshadow palette from Jessup is yet another product that can help you achieve an everyday look with its super-pigmented shades and long-lasting feature. It has superhydrophobicity coating with a good barrier and it also helps protect your skin. The long-lasting formula is not going to budge from your eyelids for up to 8 hours.

Here’s what the customers have to say –

“Steep shadows, very reliable were packed without a single chance of damage. The shadows themselves in the box can be safely taken for a gift. The shades themselves are luxurious, there are matte and shimmery, calm colors. I did not regret that I bought them.”

“perfection!!! super fast shipping! great protection, nice seller! everything is amazing! thank you so much!”

You can check it out here.

Pro Color Eyeshadow Palette

Pro Color Eyeshadow Palette

These eyeshadow palettes look quite vintage, thanks to the design; it is really alluring and looks fancy. The 9 shades in the palette are pigmented and perfect for your regular makeup. Also, thanks to the tiny size, you can pop the palette in your bag and carry it around with you.

Here’s what the customers have to say –

“Pigment saturated, for this money is a find.”

“The pallet is light, small. The box is cardboard, with thick walls, fixing the lid is magnetic. Colors are not bad, delicate, coffee. Hang out very well, especially with a soft brush. The pallet is small in size, it can be worn with you in a purse. The picture on the package is not washed, does not crumble. Shadows do not dust, almost do not fall asleep.”

You can check it out here.

40Colors Matte Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette

aliexpress best eyeshadow palette

Looking for an affordable and high-quality palette? Then this 40Colors Matte Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette might be the one you’re looking for. It comes in nude or colorful palettes that is perfect for both professional or personal use. It also has nourishing ingredients to take care of the skin around your eyes.

Here’s what the customers have to say –

“Came whole, pigmentation good, thank you”

“Shadows of small size, but very high quality, bright. I think it is worth buying for such a price): and it came fast.”

“It’s very small more than I expected, but the colors are very cool.

Click here to check it out.

QIBEST Glitter Eyeshadow Palette

Put the beauty of the universe right at your eyes with the QIBEST Glitter Eyeshadow Palette. Since this palette uses the planets to create a glamorous look on your eyes, this can be your perfect go-to eyeshadow palette for any party or occassion.

Here’s what the customers have to say –

I like many colors this eye shadow palette and am very satisfied.

Received quickly. Very well packaged and it reflects the description. Matt eye shadows are very nice and pigmented. As for other types I found it harder to layer and blend, but generally very nice impression. Thank you.”

I was pleasantly surprised after receiving the package. I really like this design. It looks great, the powder is very delicate and easy to apply. I love it.

Click here to check it out.

Is it safe to buy eyeshadow palettes on AliExpress?

Yes, definitely! But one thing we want you to be careful about are these things below:

Don’t buy super cheap and unbranded palettes:
These very cheap palettes might be very enticing, but for safety purposes, you should always choose branded ones. Branded products always have a reputation to uphold, so you are assured that their quality and standards for manufacturing are undergoing correct and safe procedures.

Skip the unofficial stores.
You would notice that branded stores often come with an “Official Store” along with their brand name. This assures you that you are buying the correct and not imitated product from the legitimate manufacturer. It is also best to choose among the top sellers from AliExpress.

Check the certificates.
Official stores also have safety and standards certification that their factories are rigorously tested and checked. This assures all customers that what they’re buying are 100% safe and won’t do any harm to their bodies.

Your eyes are your canvas!

I hope with this article, you no longer have to spend hours trying to find that perfect eyeshadow palette, which I know can be quite a task. I hope you can now easily go through the selection process and choose a palette that calls out to you.


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