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2021 best coffee grinder on aliexpress

If you’re like me who cannot start the day without coffee, then it is time for you to get a coffee grinder for yourself! We all want to have café-style coffee without spending so much, and the best way to get that high-quality coffee is to grind your own beans.

One of the main benefits of grinding your own coffee is you always get your coffee fresh. The great aroma will surely welcome you every morning. If you also have your own grinder, you have control over the grind size of your coffee beans.

So, for coffee enthusiasts, we have listed down the best AliExpress coffee grinders so you can enjoy café-quality coffee right at the comfort of your own homes.


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Top 10 Coffee Grinder on AliExpress

DEKO Hand Manual Coffee Portable Grinder

Price: $10.05

Effortlessly operate your new DEKO Hand Manual Coffee Portable Grinder with its user-friendly design. You now have control over the size of your coffee grounds using the adjustable thickness knob that comes with this portable coffee grinder.

We also love that this coffee grinder comes with a tight lock so that your coffee powder will never leak. It is also not so bulky, so you can bring this coffee grinder even at your office!

Other Features:

  • With one year warranty
  • Features a ceramic grinding core
  • Tight lock

Click here to check out this coffee grinder.

1Zpresso MINI Manual Coffee Grinder

best aliexpress coffee grinder 2021

Price: $101.20

Did you know that the 1Zpresso MINI Manual Coffee Grinder can fit right in the palm of your hands? This very cute and handy manual coffee grinder can bring you fresh coffee every time you need it. You can easily assemble and disassemble this grinder, which is also very convenient for cleaning.

It only weighs about 400g, so you can bring this grinder everywhere. Yes, it might be small, but it comes with premium features and durable materials. This grinder features a dual bearing and triaxial design that gives out a better grinding consistency for your coffee beans,

Other Features:

  • One year warranty
  • Dimensions: 4.6×13.8 cm
  • Parts don’t get loose even after years of use

Click here to check out this coffee grinder.

BioloMix 2-in-1 Wet and Dry Coffee Bean Grinder

top aliexpress coffee grinder 2021

Price: $27.60

What’s more convenient than having a coffee bean grinder that can double up as a food processor? If you’re looking for a multitasking coffee grinder, then you can get yourself the BioloMix 2-in-1 Wet and Dry Coffee Bean Grinder.

This amazing grinder features two cups that you can use for grinding either dry or wet food items. It also comes with 80g of capacity, and it prides on its 1 to 8 coffee thickness depending on your preference. The materials used for this grinder are all food-grade, so you know that you are always safe each time that you brew your coffee.

Other Features:

  • Can be used for spices
  • Wet and dry functions
  • With different grinding times

Click here to check out this coffee grinder.

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XEOLEO Manual Coffee grinder

top 10 coffee grinder on aliexpress

Price: $45.90

Cute and aesthetically pleasing coffee grinders like the XEOLEO Manual Coffee Grinder are very trendy these days. The material used for this coffee grinder is aluminum, and it comes with a maximum capacity of 15g of coffee beans each time you grind.

You can choose between 45 and 50mm of diameter among the two selections of grinders. If you use the 45mm, you can have coffee servings for one to two persons. For the 50 mm of diameter, you can enjoy serving coffee for 2 to 3 people.

Click here to check out this coffee grinder.

Sonifer Mini Electric Coffee Grinder

top 10 coffee grinder on aliexpress 2021

Price: $16.88

The Sonifer Mini Electric Coffee Grinder efficiently grinds not just coffee beans, but also nuts, spices, and even salts. But let’s focus on the coffee beans. The beans that you grind using this grinder can be used for brewing on a French press, AeroPress, Moka Pot, and an Espresso machine.

This coffee grinder also comes with a free brush so you can conveniently clean the interiors of your grinder. You can operate this simple machine with the use of only one button, and a fresh cup of coffee awaits you after you grind.

Other Features:

  • Comes with a hidden switch to prevent accidents
  • Comes in 50g of capacity per grinding
  • 4 grind settings

Click here to check out this coffee grinder.

Mini Silver Coffee Grinder

aliexpress best coffee grinder

Price: $8.63

Are you always camping, hiking, and going outdoors? If this is your lifestyle and you’re also fond of having a freshly brewed cup of coffee, then you deserve to have this Mini Silver Coffee Grinder along with you! This portable grinder is very lightweight and compact so you can easily bring it everywhere, even in the mountains.

It comes with an ABS non-slip crank handle so you can grind your coffee effortlessly. The mechanical design rocker also offers a smoother and more efficient grinding every single time. This simple machine fits most palms, and its anti-slip silicone body makes it more fun and easier to grind your coffee.

Other Features:

  • Portable and detachable body design
  • Easy to clean
  • Stainless steel body
  • With ceramic grinding core

Click here to check out this coffee grinder.

SOONICK Portable Coffee Grinder

10 best aliexpress coffee grinder

Price: $23.64

The Soonick Portable Coffee Grinder is created with high-quality and food-grade materials. It is also made from rustproof and corrosion-proof materials. With just 10 seconds, your whole coffee beans can be ground into a fine powder.

This machine makes use of a high-speed grinder motor with double blades to efficiently give you freshly ground coffee every single time. Since it comes with a minimalistic and portable design, you can bring thing coffee grinder even while you travel.

Other Features:

  • With ventilation holes
  • Wear-resistant
  • With transparent visible cover

Click here to check out this coffee grinder.

Wooden Coffee Grinder

10 best aliexpress coffee grinder 2021

Price: $8.79

This vintage-looking Wooden Coffee Grinder would look like it’s just a display on your house, but it is actually very functional. You can enjoy three different kinds of ground coffee: coarse, medium, and fine. The only thing you need to do is to rotate the handle until your desired type of ground coffee is achieved.

This coffee grinder is made from premium quality stainless steel, so you are assured that its rusting will never be an issue. The grinder is also very quiet, so grinding your fresh coffee beans will never be too bothersome in the morning.

Other Features:

  • Can also be used for other spices
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a unique and aesthetically pleasing design

Click here to check out this coffee grinder.

JIQI Electric Coffee Grinder

coffee grinder on aliexpress

Price: $23.40

Are you looking forward to getting your very own coffee shop, but you want to be very frugal about the equipment you need to purchase? Then you need to get the JIQI Electric Coffee Grinder and save thousands of bucks!

This coffee grinder can grind up to 250g of coffee beans in just one operation. It also features a crushing speed of 120g per minute, so you can efficiently give the orders of your customers on time, without having to purchase a very expensive coffee machine.

The powerful and durable copper motor makes every grinding session a breeze, and you can even have 8 degrees of grinding according to your customer’s preference.

Click here to check out this coffee grinder.

Manual Coffee Grinder with Glass

coffee grinder on aliexpress 2021

Price: $17.40

This Manual Coffee Grinder with Glass comes with a sealed can where you can store your freshly ground coffee beans and save them for later. The grinder also has a ceramic grinding core which makes grinding more faster and more efficient.

The best thing about this coffee grinder is that the machine can be entirely washed with water. You can grind beans weighing up to 75g per grinding session. This should be enough to make coffee for 3 to 4 people.

So, if you’re having some guests over, impress them with this coffee grinder and let them enjoy some café-style coffee right at your own home.

Other Features:

  • Makes less noise than electric grinders
  • Comes with a leakproof rubber lid
  • With free coffee bean powder glass jar

Click here to check out this coffee grinder.

Getting the Best Coffee Grinder on AliExpress

If you’re still unsure about which coffee maker to purchase on AliExpress because of the endless selection that you see, here are some of the things you can take into consideration:

  • Think about how many cups of coffee would you be needing for a day
  • Check if the grinder is made from food-safe materials
  • Consider whether you need to buy a heavy-duty machine or a portable one
  • Weigh your preference if you want a manual or electric coffee grinder
  • Look at how many types of grinding can the machine offer

These are just some of the things you need to think about before purchasing a coffee grinder. All in all, these machines only perform one thing – to give you freshly ground coffee every time. So, all you need to think about is the frequency and number of grinding batches you need to do in a day, and you’re all set!

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