10 Top Wigs on Aliexpress 2021

by Spiddy Tan

best human hair wigs aliexpress

Your hair is your crowning glory and you no longer need to struggle with hair you are unhappy with anymore. Wigs make it easy to have gorgeous hair with different styles every day. You can even have different shades and textures depending on your mood every morning!

Selecting a hair wig on AliExpress can be an extremely mind-boggling task since you’d never know where to start with. The sheer variety of colors, styles, brands and materials the wigs are made out of, is, to say the least, overwhelming. While buying a wig, one of the major considerations that still remains is whether you want to go natural or try the synthetic ones.

In this post, we are going to review only the Full Lace Human Hair Wigs available on AliExpress since the natural hair wigs look so much more authentic than the synthetic wigs. Crafted out of harvested human hair, the natural wigs are undoubtedly of a much higher quality than the synthetic ones.

If you are craving a perfect hairstyle but at the same time don’t want to spend too much time on your hair then you surely need to go for a full lace human wig. One of the major advantages of natural hair wigs is that they look much more realistic than their synthetic counterparts.

Moreover, natural hair wigs offer greater durability and require the same maintenance and styling as your real hair. They can tolerate the heat of your dryer and you can even color it the way you want.

Review of 10 Hair Wigs on Aliexpress 2021

Let’s take a quick look at some of the coolest natural hair wigs you can buy from AliExpress.

The Best Wigs that You can Get on AliExpress

Best Aliexpress WigsBest Price to Get
Queen Beauty Hair 613 Honey Blonde Lace Front Human Hair Wig$63.09 – $408.09
Ali Coco Straight Human Hair Lace Wig$62.18 – $316.86
Colorful Girl Headband Body Wave Wig$13.52 – $16.72
Rebecca Fashion 180% Body Wave Full Lace Wig with Baby Hair$57.01 – $275.40
XC Sunny Afro Kinky Curly Wig with Bangs$66.99 – $155.99

1. Queen Beauty Hair 613 Honey Blonde Lace Front Human Hair Wig – Best 613 Wig

best aliexpress wig

The best thing about this 613 wig is that it covers a large area. As a result, you can comb your hair in any style that you wish.

With its strong softness and breathability, you can ensure that you will feel comfortable while wearing this wig. It also suits different skin tones, making it one of the most popular wigs today. The human hair material makes the wig look very natural when worn.

You have 12 length and five density options for this 613 wig. For this reason, you can make sure that you are getting the right one that will fit your facial features.

If you want to achieve various hairstyles, this wig is perfect as you can dye it with darker colors. You can also perm it if you want to achieve a curly hairstyle.

Get the 613 wig by Queen Beauty Hair for $63.09 – $408.09.

2. Ali Coco Straight Human Hair Lace Wig – Best Straight Hair Wig

lace wig aliexpress

Human hair wigs are the most natural-looking type of wig. So, wearing them would look like you are showing off your natural locks. And for wigs made from human hair, Ali Coco is one of the best AliExpress stores to see.

Ali Coco’s straight hair wig features a 13 x 6 transparent lace with a 4 x 4 lace closure, which is easy to conceal after wearing the wig. With a density of 150 and 180, and 10 choices of hair length, you will find the best length and thickness for you.

This wig is also very soft, so you will never experience tangling or shedding even when you comb it. You can dye it with any color that you want. For this reason, the styling possibilities are endless.

Get this straight hair wig for $62.18 – $316.86.

3. Colorful Girl Headband Body Wave Wig – Best Headband Wig

colorful hair wig aliexpress

If you have n option to change your hair’s look, why would you go for something basic? This wavy headband wig will give you an entirely new look, thanks to its versatility.

This wavy wig is easy to wear and allows you to show your hairline. After wearing it, you can style it in any way that you wish. You can straighten it, perm it, or make the curls bigger, thanks to its high-temperature fiber material. If you want an updo hairstyle, you can put it on a messy bun.

With this wig on and with its 150 density, you will be able to make multiple layers because it is very easy to style, manage, and maintain. The texture is extremely soft, allowing you to comfortably use it on a daily basis.

The flexible headband’s size is 6cm. It has velcro at the bottom part, so you can adjust it if you feel like the headband is too tight.

Get this headband wig for $13.52 – $16.72.

4. Rebecca Fashion 180% Body Wave Full Lace Wig with Baby Hair – Best Full Lace Wig

full lace wig aliexpress

A full lace wig is perfect for people who are looking for versatile wigs. With full lace wigs, you will have endless hairstyling choices.

The Rebecca Fashion Body Wave Full Lace wig features a Remy hair material, allowing you to dye it with any color you want. You can wear this wig for six weeks straight without feeling any irritation or discomfort with a swiss lace base material.

In addition, this full lace wig is so soft, so it will not tangle even when you wear it to sleep. The baby hairs in front make it look even more realistic. You can do different styles with this wig, thanks to its density.

Get this full face wig by Rebecca Fashion for $57.01 – $275.40.

5. XC Sunny Afro Kinky Curly Wig with Bangs – Best Curly Wig

curly wig aliexpress

Curly hair is an excellent option for people who want to add more volume to their locks. And when talking about curls, this Afro wig by SC Sunny is a must-have.

Featuring a density of 200 and real human hair will suit your style, be it casual or formal. If you want less volume, you can also opt for one with 150 or 180 density.

However, it is essential to note that you can only dye this curly wig with darker colors.

The base is similar to the real human scalp, making the wig look like natural human hair. Made from a breathable elastic net, It also has adjustable straps, so you can adjust the tightness of the wig to where you are comfortable.

Additionally, the sides of this wig feature combs, which hold it securely in place. You also have eight-length choices, so you can get the one that suits your facial features perfectly.

Finally, this wig features bangs for an added style.

Get this curly wig with bangs for $66.99 – $155.99.

#6 – EVA Brazilian Full Lace Human Wigs, Natural Color, 10 Inches – 26 Inches

best hair wig aliexpress 2019

While you get wigs in several colours, the natural coloured ones are some that most people prefer, especially if you choose to wear it to work or a professional setting. The natural human hair wigs called EVA are something we would recommend if you want a natural coloured, natural looking wig.  

The silky straight full lace human hair wig is available on the Alice official store on AliExpress. These are affordably priced ranging between $49.50- $295.17 depending on the length you prefer. Crafted out of baby hair this one comes in superb shapes and makes your hairline look all natural.

The base material is made out of Swiss Lace. This material is soft on the scalp and can be worn comfortably for long periods of time without causing rashes or itching. The texture of this wig is also soft and silky, the way natural hair has to be.

If you are looking forward to a no-hassle hair wig with a silky texture then look no further than this one. These can be styled the way you would style your hair, tie it up in a pony tail or braid it, or simply leave it loose. You can even colour it or use highlights to give yourself a different look. 

They sell wigs in 2 types of densities – 130% and 150% density. 

Check it out HERE

This product, as well as the store, have had very good feedback and reviews from customers who have tried this wig. They all seem to love this wig and have no regrets having purchased this. 

Latest real reviews and feedback about this product. 

top hair wigs review on aliexpress
top hair wigs review on aliexpress 2021

The seller ships via DHL to the US. This takes less than a week if you opt for free shipping.

Check it out HERE

#7 – Curly Bob Lace Front

aliexpress wig review

Bored of straight hair? If you want curly hair but don’t want to subject it to heating products or you simply don’t want a perm, the perfect solution is here in the form of a wig. Flaunt this kinky curly wig in natural colour. Your friends won’t know that it’s not your real hair and will envy your adventurous style!

The size of this wig varies from 8 inches to 24 inches and the price ranges accordingly, from $45.90 – 181.90, depending upon the size of the wig you choose. 

It comes with one density type – 150%, which gives this fullness and volume.

This is honestly one of the best wigs you can buy as the texture is perfect, soft to touch and the colour is beautiful. Perhaps one of the best features of this curly human hair wig is that it sheds very less while the curls stay perfect. You can, therefore, tie it up, brush it or wrap it in different styles while keeping the gorgeous curls intact. 

This seller has very good feedback with regards to quick communication and fast delivery. The product also has good reviews from the customers and they all seem to love their new hair!

Feedback of this product. 

aliexpress wig review 2021

Free shipping via Fedex to US.

Click HERE for more info.

#8 – Curly Pre Plucked Hairline Glueless Full Lace Human Hair Wigs

best natural hair wig online

Made out of fine non Remy Brazilian hair this curly pre-plucked hairline wig is the next on our list of the best human hair wigs you can find on Aliexpress. 

This wig is available on the Comingbuy official store at a price ranging between $210.96 – 366.00. This is a good price for the quality of the product sold.

The fine soft hair which goes into the making of this wig comes with just the right fullness, making it look like this is your natural hair. The pre-plucked hairline is yet another advantage since it looks totally natural when you tie up your hair.

These wigs are of a good density ratio of 250%. This is a fantastic density which gives it abundant volume, making it look very healthy. 

Like the other stores on our list, this store also has very good reviews for their efficient customer service and quick shipping. Depending on where you live, you could receive this wig in less than a week. The feedback about the wig is also amazing. Customers who have tried this love this and seem to recommend it wholeheartedly. 

Feedback of this product

review of buying human hair wig aliexpress

You can also enjoy a free shipping via DHL.

Click HERE to see product.

#9 – Pre-Plucked Body Wave Lace Wig

Another outstanding natural hair wig by the Moonmagic Official store is the Pre-Plucked Body Wave Lace Wig which is perfect for dusky skin toned women. This wig has great reviews and feedback from the customers.

This one comes in sizes between 8 inches and 26 inches. Priced at $60.32 – 261.00 per unit, this Body Wave hair wig in natural colours is worth the investment. If you are looking forward to those luscious locks then make sure you order this as it comes in a density ratio of 130%. The lace sticks so well to your scalp that it looks absolutely natural.

Review of the product

Free shipping via DHL.

Click HERE to see

#10 – Blonde Full Lace Ombre Human Hair Wigs 

top 5 aliexpress wig review

If you want some beautiful blond hair that is soft and silky, this one’s for you!

Sold on AliExpress by the QUEEN BEAUTY HAIR Official Store this Brazilian ombre hair wig is created from pre-plucked Remy hair. The 8 inches – 30 inches blonde hair wig is priced at $63.09 – 350.59 per piece.

You are surely going to fall in love with your new hair extensions since it’s not going to shed or tangle even after a few washes. If you are the dainty kind who likes your hair soft and smooth then you definitely need to invest in this one.

With a density ratio of 130%, nobody is going to know that is not your actual hair. This is one perfect wig to save you from bleaching and damaging your natural hair.

Review of the Product

top 5 aliexpress wig review 2021

Free shipping via Fedex.

BUY this amazing piece HERE.

FAQs for Buying Hair Wigs on Aliexpress 2021

Hair colors fade in time. The changing trends also make it challenging to keep up without damaging your hair. For this reason, a lot of women opt for wigs to keep their hair flawless every time. 

There are also some women who do not want to make a permanent commitment in terms of hairstyle. For this reason, they choose wigs to get the hairstyle that they want and change it whenever they wish to. 

Additionally, wigs are already a significant part of the beauty world. In fact, they offer many benefits, which are the reason why women love them so much.


Hair oil is applied to hairs before shipment. This is to protect the hair from being too dry during delivery. The smell will fade after washing with shampoo and conditioner.


All human hair wigs can be dyed and bleached to any color. It is advised not to dye the hair too frequently.

If you want to straighten or curl your hair, you will need to use a flat iron. However, constantly exposing your hair to heat will damage it to crisps. 

On the other hand, you will need harsh hair sprays if you want to style your hair in an updo. Doing such can also damage your hair. 

But with wigs, you will never have to apply anything to your natural hair. The wig will absorb the heat and hair sprays that you use, reflecting. This way, you can style your wig as frequently as you want without causing damage to your natural hair. 

Wigs protects hair from harsh styling chemicals and heat styling appliances.


There might be a chance of gray hair when you purchased these human hair wigs. There is no 100%.


Just like your own hair, there is bound to be a few strands of hair dropping off when you comb or wash. It is advised to sew the weft before installation.


You can do your own hair styles with ease. Flexi rods or hair straighteners can be used.


Tangling of hair is due to dryness, oil and dirt build-up. Make sure you wash and condition your hair wig at least twice a week. It is advisable to use hydrating drops.

Benefits of Aliexpress Wigs

1. Wigs are convenient

The hair needs a significant amount of maintenance when you are styling it. Such is especially true for people with a long hairdo.

On the other hand, wigs are an excellent way to save money for hair maintenance. They are also convenient to use as you can put them on in minutes instead of styling them for hours. 

2. Hides away thin hair

Many women have hair loss problems, while some are born with really thin hair.  Hair loss can be due to different illnesses, medications, and even hormonal changes. Unfortunately, some women with thin hair lose their confidence as many of them reflect hair as an essential part of their overall look.

To hide away thin hair, people can wear wigs. It will allow them to change their hairstyles and colors whenever they want to. 

3. Endless styles

Generally, changing your hairstyle will require expensive trips to a beauty salon. But if you have wigs, you can change your hair color, length, and style anytime. 

4. Allows you to save money

Instead of going to hair salons for hair maintenance, you can use wigs whenever you want to go out with sleek and healthy-looking hair. You can also change the styles of your wigs without having to go to salons. Wigs are also tough. For this reason, they can withstand repeated dyeing and exposure to heat while maintaining their superiority.

5. Makes hairstyling fun

Wearing a wig is generally a fun way to spice up your style. If you enjoy costume parties, Halloween, cosplay events, and masquerade balls, wigs offer an endless opportunity to define your character.

Even on normal days, wearing a wig is a fun way to make yourself look better and boost your confidence.

Any GOOD WIGS from Aliexpress?

There is no other better place to purchase hair wigs than from this portal. 3 advantages to mention include

  1. Buyer protection
  2. Free Shipping
  3. Fast shipping

That is all folks. Hope you are able to find what you are looking for in this article.

We shall continue to review some of the best products here on Tollotoshop.com – Best Aliexpress Review Site.

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