Aliexpress vs DHGate – Which is better?

by Spiddy Tan

AliExpress and DHgate are both renowned Chinese e-commerce sites which are attracting global buyers these days. If you are wondering which of the two sites is more reliable for small purchases then keep reading this article where we will be talking about the pros and cons of these two websites.

aliexpress vs dhgate

Aliexpress vs DHGate

To begin with it needs to be stated that Chinese wholesale shopping websites like DHgate and AliExpress are totally legitimate shopping sites which are ideal for all your small purchases. Alibaba a famous online retailer from China created AliExpress to reach out to a global audience and challenging big online players like eBay or Amazon.

We have created an article showing the best DHGATE sellers.


This multimillion dollar corporation is primarily meant for international buyers who can purchase just about anything or everything on the site. It allows the small Chinese businesses to reach out to a world wide audience.

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About DHGate

DhGate is similar marketplace like Aliexpress and Alibaba, but with one major difference. Here you can find a ton of replicas and fake products.

DHGate kind of in simple form is basically China’s eBay it’s where you can go and actually instead of purchasing products in bulk. You can actually order them in quantities of one.

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Both the websites are really cheap

Products on these websites are usually really cheap since the customers get to purchase directly from the manufacturers which in turn vastly reduces the selling price. Moreover, the production cost in China is comparatively lesser than the other countries which is why you get to avail fantastic prices on sites like AliExpress or Dhgate.

Is DHgate the Aliexpress Alternative?

You will find counterfeit items on both the websites

While shopping from either of these websites you will often encounter extremely cheap items which are either fake or semi fake. As you surely know by now, China is a hotbed for duplicate production and DHgate and AliExpress are no exception. On both the platforms one can find all sorts of counterfeit items ranging from fake electronics, fake apparels, fake cosmetics etc. However teams behind Aliexpress are very strict these days as you won’t be able to find much of replica, fake or semi fake items on the portal. As a subsidiary of Alibaba, they aim to fight off FAKEs.

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The real danger in both the websites is Fraudsters

The one thing you need to keep in mind before making a purchase on any of these websites is that the sellers often vary in terms of credibility and service standard. Most of these scam sellers are going to lure you with a price which would sound too good to be true. This is why you need to check a few other websites and ascertain the going rate of the item you want to purchase to ensure that the price on AliExpress or DHgate isn’t extremely low. Moreover, as a customer, you are always encouraged to conduct a thorough research on the seller before you hit the buy button. Make sure to take a look at the feedback score and customer reviews to get a clear picture.

Wrapping it up

AliExpress and DHgate are not much different when it comes to company credibility. Both of these websites have prominent Chinese suppliers and sellers who are doing a thriving foreign trade. Surely there are a few fraud sellers mixed with the majority of authentic sellers so it always recommended that you do your research before buying.

One major problem of both these e-commerce sites is that none of them have any real control over the quality of the product suppliers which is why you sometimes end up buying cheap imitations.

While making a purchase from any of these websites always make sure buy from the RIGHT sellers.

Here are the list of some of the BEST SELLING ITEMS ON DHGate.

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