Aliexpress Tablet Review – Chinese Tablets any good?

aliexpress tablet review

With invent of new technology, there has been a sudden surge in number of gadgets available in market. Such is the case with tablets. With so many options available to the users to buy tablets, buyers usually gets confused and this with regards to features, price and many other things. With so many cheap tablets available, it is best recommended to choose one which fulfils all your needs and is pocket friendly as well.

Luckily, AliExpress have various cheap and budget friendly options in tablet so whichever you choose, you might end up getting a great deal.

Type of Tablets on AliExpress

Tablets generally come in two variants: – 7 inch and 10 inch. There are various brands available on Ali Express like Samsung whose 7 inch tablet would cost you around US$200 and 10 inch ones would go somewhere around US$400 to US$600. There are latest generation and premium tablets also available on the platform which would cost for more than US$600.

Apart from famous brands, AliExpress has Chinese brands tablets which are in demand because of the same manufacturing and assembling used by the big giants. It is just they are available at cheap rates with no brand name attached. Some does come with a corporate name.

All of which are below US$150. Product – Kmax 7 inch Intel Tablets IPS Quad Core Android 5.1 Dual Cameras Bluetooth 4 G-sensor WIFI Tablets PC Product – 2018 K990 Octa Core 10.1 Inch tablet MTK8752 Android Tablet 4GB RAM 64GB ROM Dual SIM Bluetooth GPS Android 7.0 10 Tablet PC

Searching for Cheap Tablets on AliExpress

It is really necessary to understand what exactly is the requirement before purchasing any gadget. Same goes for tablets. If you want a tablet for minimal usage like for reading or surf around on social media apps and sites, then cheap 7-inch tablet would be the best buy.

However, if you need a tablet for more heavy usage including your professional work, watching movies, you should go for a 10-inch one. The 10-inch tablets also offer great accessories along with premium features like keyboard, cases and add on battery.

Aliexpress sells legit brand name like Huawei too.

From US$279 Product – Original 8 inch Huawei MediaPad M3 Lite CPN-AL00 4G Phone Call Tablets PC 3GB 32GB/ 4GB 64GB EMUI 5.1 SnapDragon 435 Octa Core

From US$332 Product – Original 10.1 inch Huawei MediaPad M3 Lite 10 BAH-W09 Tablets PC 4GB 64GB/ 3GB 32GB EMUI 5.1 SnapDragon 435 Octa Core GPS 8MP

Chinese Tablets any Good?

AliExpress have wide range of products categorised either by product or by shop names. You can either choose any of the shop you want to buy tablet from or simply go under Tablets category on AliExpress. The tablets Shopping Guide can be of great help to you if you are looking for best selling tablets on AliExpress.

AliExpress have all types of brands listed in tablets section. Be it the most premium ones like Samsung, Lenovo or hardly heard of like Chuwi and Irulu. But the best deals would be made available to you with all filtered and sort done on brands like Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Samsung and others. Even if the Chinese brands aren’t heard of, they are offering great deals and are priced quite well on AliExpress.

Bear in mind Apple products are make from China too!

Points to be kept in mind while finalising a seller

AliExpress provides you with various dealers and sellers that you just not have to take risk of buying from a non reputed seller. You get best rated sellers on AliExpress and even if the platform is trustworthy, it is always good to get your products from reputed and trustworthy ones. Well, it might be difficult to judge who are the ones which can be trusted, well it can be known by following simple steps:-

  • Check the reputation of the shop on AliExpress. If it has achieved atleast 1 diamond, then it is cent percent trustworthy.
  • AliExpress at times provides Guaranteed Authenticity stamp to some of the oldest shops on the platform which ensures the authencity of the shop.
  • Customer is at centre for any store. If they write good for any shop and provides great ratings then the shop is genuine and can be trusted fully. Do check all the ratings and comments before buying your tablet.

But is it time taking and too hard work for you to list down the best tablet shops on AliExpress? Well, worry not; we bring you the best tablet shops on the platform making your work more easy. These stores are all tagged with Top Brand by Aliexpress.

Top 3 Branded Stores on Aliexpress that sells Awesome Tablets

Teclast Offical Store: – This store is a top brand and has got 97% positive remarks resulting into one of the best gadget stores offering cheap tablets.

aliexpress best tablets

AlldoCube Official Store: – From wide array of tablets, smart phones and other gadgets in the store, it is considered to be among best for Chinese tablet brands having the top brand accreditation.

tablet promotion aliexpress

Jumper Official Store: – From small tablets, cheap and premium ones, the store provides excellent quality products and great value deals. Whats make this store unique is it works as a close partner with Microsoft.

cheap tablets aliexpress

Final Thoughts

Don’t be hasty in taking decisions. Compare, look out for features you need, budget and then once you are clear as to which one to buy, visit the top rated seller on the platform. Also, look at the return sales policy sellers offer if by any chance you would want to return the tablet. You can also contact the seller directly so whatever information or query you want to be answered can be done directly.

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