Best Cheap Chinese 3D Printers 2020

by Spiddy Tan

3D printing has certainly taken the world by storm! We have come a long way from the days of woodblock printing to using a printing press to print on paper, to using printers at home. Though 3D printing is not really a brand new concept, it can be agreed that it’s only recently that most people have actively started using it.

It is obvious that you are reading this article because you are searching either for a 3D Printer or are keen on knowing the benefits of what China made 3D printers can do? We assure you, you will surely end up with a good decision at the end of the article. There are myriad of options available for you to select from among 3D printers available in the market with prices starting from the lowest range right up to high-end ones.

That is the reason it becomes very difficult to choose a 3D printer which best suits your requirement. Yes, 3D printers are quite expensive as compared to normal printers but there are also some entry-level 3D printers, which are available in the market, and they are quite good.

Best 3D Printers on Aliexpress (Reviewed 2020)

Here we have collated a list of those printers, which are affordable yet of very high quality. After comparing and analyzing over hundred of 3D Printer options, we have zeroed down to some Aliexpress 3D printers which are high in print and quality design but do not burn a hole in your pocket! 

Being a novice this will be a pretty helpful guide as we present to you Cheap and Good 3D printers under $300 from Aliexpress. 

#1 – Tevo Tarantula I3 – $185-$233

Tevo brings you an Ultra 3D printer using the highly advances technology of Automatic levelling and Height detection. As against the microswitch used by a regular printer, this 3D printer uses a proximity sensor for detecting the vertical Limits travel. This is a manual assembling printer but is high on performance and there is no doubt there. The assembling is not very complex and can be done quite easily with the manual given along with it. This printer is shipped from many countries and sold with pins to suit different countries. Make sure to choose the one suitable to the region you reside in. 

tevo aliexpress 3d printer cheap

Link here to buy this awesome 3D printer for $185-$233usd.

#2 – FlyingBear – $317

Constructed with a full metal body, this printer is the epitome of strength and durability. Just one look at the printer and you know this is rugged and sure to last long. The FlyingBear 3D printer is ideal for speedy printing with negligible noise. Equipped with cooling fans on the mainboard as well as on the Extruder, this printer can print for a much longer time without heating up. This also adds to the life span of the printer. Yes, it has to be assembled but the company does provide an installation video to help you in installing it easily and in no time.

best cheap 3d printer

Grab yours now for $317 usd!

#3 – FLsun3D – $147-$271

fl sun aliexpress great chinese 3d printer

Assembling can be fun at times and when it is your 3D printer, you may have a learning experience as well. Especially with a printer by Flsun, it seems quite a breeze assembling and using this machine as the details in the manual are very clear. Built with an aluminium body and a metal frame, this 3D printer by Flsun comes with two filaments and two cooling fans to cool your model and ensure that the printing happens without any blockage. The print quality is definitely excellent for the money you pay. 

Get it for below $200usd

#4 – Aluminium Updated Extruder -$219

This Do-It-Yourself 3D printer comes in a rather new design and upgraded features. The 3D printer comes with plastic wheels and bearings for easy mobility. The body is made of Aluminium, which assures us of the strength and quality. The printer operates with high precision and accuracy. It has an LCD screen with multiple languages to use for operating. There are so many color filaments available along with a 1-year warranty on this printer.

3d printer best quality chinese

Price: $219

#5 – Ultimaker 2 copy – $679

Priced much higher than the other 3D printers on this list, this is a premium product, offering premium quality and therefore worth the money you invest in it. This is a metal Fuselage DIY printer, providing much more stable movement than other 3D Printers. It comes with a Copper Sleeve bearing which is known for low noise levels. There are not many wires in this printer that adds to the sophisticated look of it.

3d printer from china

Buy it for $679usd

#6 – Anet Auto Levelling – $ 145-$236

This auto-levelling printer by Anet is another one in the budget range of 3D printers. This works well in detecting the Vertical limits and it comes with a full metal frame. With the addition of LCD Touch screens, this printer makes it very easy to work with. High and accurate precision in printing, a sturdy aluminium platform and sustainable motors are some notably good features in this range by Anet.

best 3d printer aliexpress

Grab yours for $145-$236usd

#7 – Reprap Prusa i3 -$131-290

Get a 3d printer with the latest Hotbed technology. This printer is equipped with a Bowden Extruder, Highly qualitative Bearing and a laser kit with an LCD Display in multiple languages for ease of operation. Shipped from Russia, this printer does reach customers across the world quite quickly. For higher accuracy of the printing, the printer provides upgraded Hotend for easy Extruder filament. The assembling of printing is much easier as it comes with a metal frame and linear Bearings.

best 3d printer china

USD$131.00 – $290

#8 – Micromake 3D printer Pulley -$ 205-$270

To print big 3D outputs, choose this Micromake 3D printer which is in a pulley version. This DIY 3D printer comes with a tough Aluminium body. It was designed after a lot of extensive research. The results of the research led to finally creating the dual duct and this auto level 3D printer was made. With much faster speed and cooling fans, the life of this 3D printer is guaranteed to be much longer for hassle-free printing.

PULLEY 3D PRINTER cheap budget

Check the store here.

#9 – Tronxy X3 -$156-$231

This newly designed 3D printer from the brand Tronxy comes with an upgraded Extruder, steady printing Hotbed technology for high precision printing and an Electronic display box, which helps in easy handling of the printing device. The metal frame and aluminium trails make the assembling and operation much easier. Priced nominally and offering great quality, this printer is worth a try. 

best quality 3d printer china

Own this machine for less than $250usd 

#10 – Magic 3D printer Pen

This 3D Printer Pen by Myriwell serves the purpose of both fun and learning for your kids as well as for yourself. It comes in four different colors (Blue, Grey, Orange and Yellow). It is great as it has a compact design, which is good for easy maintenance. It is portable and can be easily used with your hands. The design is similar to a Marker or pen but more technical. Most importantly, the 3D printer Pen comes with 12 months of manufacturer warranty.

aliexpress 3d pen printer
cheap 3d printer aliexpress

Price: $11.96

Buying Cheap 3D Printer on Aliexpress

Though it seems like magic, the way 3D printing works is quite simple and can be easily understood. The first 3D printers basically printed layers and layers one on top of the other to form a 3D structure. Over the years this has been improvised and further developed, and today we get printers that print with great accuracy, which is really something we should be proud of! Used extensively by architects and structural engineers, 3D printers definitely are a boon as it helps them visualise their designs on a miniature scale and correct any potential flaws or faults that might occur.

One issue we still face is that most 3D printers only allow a single material to be printed at any given time but with constant innovation and the world moving at a pace that is unmeasurable, this will be overcome soon. Right now we can apply the idea of multi-material printing to ensure that this is not an obstacle.

Most of these Chinese 3D printers are under $300 but even though they are cheap, they are not low in Quality. With the right personalization and touch comes the flexibility to mould it as per your wish. Assembling 3D printers reduces the cost too. So consider these 3D printers before you chose any high-end printer as even these would serve your purpose.

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