5 Cheap and Awesome Dash Camera to BUY online from China

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Equipping your dash cam can be of great worth when it comes to the insurance policy for drivers. A dash cam can provide the user with some concrete evidence when it’s required. From police to truck drivers, a large range of users around the world have installed deemed dash cameras. The prices for the Dash cams are also not very high, you can get a good dash cam for merely $50.

In this article we’ll cover the basics of the dashboard cameras, the article will also cover the points for the best buying advice for cheap and awesome dash cam from China shipping from Aliexpress.

In simpler words, a dash cam is a device that is mounted or installed on the dashboard of your vehicle, the camera records audio as well as video simultaneously. A dash cam can be your saviour when it comes to providing some evidence in case of an accident. You no longer require to worry about the false statements, the footage recorded by dash cam is available at your disposal.

Chinese Dash Cam Review


When it comes to buying a good dash cam, you must strive to look for following aspects:

1. Quality of the video: When it comes to video quality, the camera that shoots under high-definition can be your best pick. Whether the resolution is 720p or 1080p, both are suitable enough to cater to your needs. You can get a 720p HD camera for as high as $60. You might think of cutting down your budget, but that will just reduce the quality you are getting. The camera must record the high-definition video in full screen. It should be able to shoot in the night; the majority of cameras are proficient in the day but quality deteriorates at night. A great performance should be there in poor lighting. A wide-angle view should be there, keep the resolution in mind.

2. Compact size: Dash cams should be small, rigid and must be proficient. In short, they should be compact or you can say discreet. They should be small and compact enough so that the user can mount them behind the rearview mirror with added ease. The best colour for your dash cam can be black, the colour blends well with the car’s décor and dashboard as well.

3. Feasibility: When it comes to the operation of a dash cam, it should be feasible as well as viable. One must look up to reliable dash cam, if you’re having any problem with regard to blur recording, hangs, glitches and more, then you must consider getting a reliable dash cam.

4. Processing power: The processing power is the sole driver of the whole dash cam recording operation. A proficient CPU can be of utmost importance when it comes to ensuring a glitch-free operation. The ability of CPU and quality of CMOS sensor goes hand in hand. Your cam must have a great lens also; a proficient lens provides the user with a large aperture as well as large viewing angle. Your dash cam can be your saviour in case of emergency, one should never reduce the quality in any manner.

5. Length of power adapter: The length of the power adapter of your dash cam can be of concern. You must ensure ample length of the cable of your power adapter, this is the fact that you might want to install the dash cam around the windshield. One must ask the seller about the length of the power adapter at any cost.

6. Say no to LED light Dash Cams: What comes as a viable fact is that, an array of Dash cams out there are equipped with LED lights. This was done by the manufacturers to aid the night recording experience of the camera. The move was aimed to increase the quality of the footage recorded at night under the poor lighting. Well, the sad part is that this attracts extra attention as LED’s provide your windshield with the glare.

Buying the best dash cam have just got pretty easy for you. One must keep these points in mind for the purpose of availing a proficient dash cam. Always remember that security should never be compromised for anything in the world.

Here are the TOP 5 CHEAP DASH CAMeras under $50 we think you should look at.

  1.  New Original Podofo A1 Mini Car DVR Camera Dashcam Full HD 1080P


china car dash cam china car dash cam 2 china car dash cam 3

AliExpress.com Product – Original Car Video Recorder G1W GS108 with Novatek 96650 + WDR Technology + AVC

Price $19-$33



2. Original Podofo Car DVR Camera G30 Full HD 1080P 140 Degree Dashcam

dash camera best

AliExpress.com Product – 2015 Best Selling G30 2.7″ 170 Degree Wide Angle Full HD 1080P Car DVR Camera Recorder Motion Detection Night Vision G-Sensor

Price: $21-$38



3. 4.0 Inch IPS Screen Car DVR Novatek NTK96658 Car Camera T810 Dash Camera Full HD 1080P Video 170 Degree Dash Cam

car camera china

wide angle dash cam

AliExpress.com Product – Original 4.0 Inch IPS Screen Car DVR Novatek NTK96658 Car Camera T810 Oncam Dash Camera Full HD 1080P Video 170 Degree Dash Cam

Price: $46-$65



4. Jansite Night Vision Car Dvr detector Camera Blue Review Mirror DVR Digital Video Recorder

chinese dash camera cheap chinese cheap dash cam

AliExpress.com Product – 2016 Newest Night Vision Novatek 96655 Car detector Camera Blue Review Mirror DVR Digital Video Recorder Auto Camcorder Dash Cam

Price: $27-$47



5.ANSTAR 3″ Car DVR Dual Lens Car Camera DVR Rear View Camera Mirror Blackbox Dash Cam Night Vision DashCam

awesome china made dash camera

dash camera you must buy aliexpress

AliExpress.com Product – ANSTAR 3 inch Car Camera full hd 1080p video recorder car DVR with two cameras night vision g-sensor dvr mini car dvr blackbox

Price: $27-$43



Above are recommended based on Seller review ratings and the orders that were made on the products from Aliexpress. We do make an extensive research to look out for such cheap and affordable dash cameras on Aliexpress. So please click on the link to purchase to support us.

Thank you and happy shopping.

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