5 Cheap and Awesome Headphone and Headset on Aliexpress

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Our life has become simpler and considerably more interesting. Whatever your selection, you’ll be amazed at these innovations that are new and how it can benefit you.


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1. Q7 Gaming Headset

AliExpress.com Product – General OVLENG Q7 USB Gaming Headphone Headset With Microphone and Volume Control For Computer Gamer Supper Bass Earphone

Do the Q7 Gaming headset attempt? A low-priced headphone packaged with a force. It’s extremely perfect for having a dialogue as it supplies an excellent quality of music and sound at an extremely affordable price. It’s also an excellent performance for listening and gaming music. The merchandise comes with friends and family, other family member which are miles away from you with mic for the simple communicating. The headphone is solid and comfortable to use since it’s very light weight in regards to comfort.

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Time limited for only $13.47


2. 56S Sport Bluetooth Headset Hangers Wireless 4.1 Double Earplugs In-ear Stereo Earphone Mobile Universal Headphones Headphone

AliExpress.com Product – 2016 New 56S Sport Bluetooth Headset Hangers Wireless 4.1 Double Earplugs In-ear Stereo Earphone Mobile Universal Headphones
It’s a neckband kind of headphone that is really perfect for mobile but still works. This product functions well through Bluetooth. This neckband headphone comes with distinct kind of colours like red, blue, green and black in order to pick to find the best colours that suits to your own trend totally or your favourite colour. Shifting the tune and correcting the volume level can be done readily with this sports headphone. At a price that is very affordable, you’ll get what you need and you’ll be met.

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Accessible here @ just $9 .99


3.iPhone Earpiece 

AliExpress.com Product – 100% Guarantee Original and Brand New Headset Earpods Earphone For iPhone 5 5S 5C Free Shipping

It’s extremely difficult to try to find an earphone that can give a fantastic quality of sound to you. This earphone is functions well into apple products for example IPhone 4 and 4s, 5s and IPhone 5, 6 and IPhone 6, IPad mini, 2, 3, and 4. This earphone cost at a price that is very affordable but includes a fulfilling and great operation. Should you be intending to give your buddy a gift to your own buddy, consider this one to a present that is great. Music is a large part of life, if it plays certainly which is more wonderful.

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Get yours at $17 only


4.KZ-ED2 enthusiast bass ear headset 

AliExpress.com Product – Free shipping KZ-ED2 enthusiast bass ear headphones copper forging 7MM shocking anti-noise microphone sound quality

This bass ear headphone works perfectly in mobile phones and portable media player. Among the headphone that is inexpensive approximately on aliproducthunt! It includes a gold plated colour which makes it seem really awesome and is really appealing. This earphone additionally features a high quality silica gel substance which enables you to listened music more comfy when you use it for a longer duration of time. It’s designed for exceptional quality of music and pure dialogue, and for clearer. You are going to love your chilling minutes as well as your work out with the KZ ED2 enthusiast bass ear headset at a cost that is very affordable. It’s truly worthwhile!

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Accessible here @ $6.30!


5.AUSDOM M06 Wireless Bluetooth Headset
AliExpress.com Product – AUSDOM M06 Wireless Bluetooth Headset Stereo Deep Bass Headphones Headband Handsfree Earphone Music Player for Phone Tablet

*Can be used both wired (via the 3.5mm audio cable) and wirelessly (via Bluetooth) .
*Special speaker transmits high fidelity & powerful bass and detailed wireless sound to your ears.
*Artificial protein leather of earmuffs simulated to human skin texture, giving you long-time comfort; 180 ° rotated ear cups for easy storage.
*Up to 20 hours of Music playing & taking time, standby time
*Eco-Friendly package design.
*Fashionable wire drawing appearance design.

Equipped with mic and quality sound, this headphone proves to be of and free the quality that is best. To not forget the fact this headphone can be folded, bringing along it using will not need much space to keep. Why wait?

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Costs start from $30. 

Above are some of the best headphones and ear buds you can find in this awesome Chinese web portal. Hope your like our selection.

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