Amazon Kindle : Should you invest in one?

amazon kindle

I’ve had a Kindle for under a year and I was cursing myself that I hadn’t gotten it earlier. A Kindle is one of the best Investments for me this year. Let me lay it down. 1.The Cost of Books The price of a Kindle version opposed to a paperback version for new books isn’t much. You save close to $0.50 cents. But for a slightly older book, you save close to $2 a book, and for an even older book it’s more. I’m an avid reader, I don’t always…

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How to make Wifi signal Stronger in my house

amplifi HD

Well we all know WIFI is a MUST in this modern world and most of the newest portable devices released in the market need Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. It has become a Necessity in our technology driven era. Here we have curated 3 devices which can help in making wide area the ideal place for large amount of internet transmission. LUMA It introduces their “Surround WiFi” setup. The package contains 3 Luma routers which can be strategically placed around your house, with the guidance of an app, to…

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Cool things to buy on Amazon this 2017

cool stuff on amazon 2017

HD Antenna Are you still paying for cable? Well, this 2017, pamper yourself and SAVE a tonne of money by purchasing a HD Antenna. You will not get many channels as you would have when you are using Cable subscription but the best part is you will no longer pay the cable charges every month. Perfect investment ill say. We have gone through a bunch of these antennas on Amazon and this is the best perfect one ill say. Monoprice Large Paper Thin HDTV Antenna, 35 Mile Range $21.81 at Amazon…

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Top 5 Best Selling Products by Xiaomi on AliExpress in 2017

xiami tv box aliexpress

Xiaomi Inc. is a Chinese that designs, develops, and sells an array of technological products. These include smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, and related consumer electronics. It is a fast growing company with affordable and high-quality products. If you are looking forward to experiencing the Xiaomi effect, you should perhaps start with these products. You can find all these products on AliExpress, your one stop shop for all that you need! 1. Xiaomi Dash Camera Price: US $74.99/piece Rating: 5/5 With a 1080P full HD resolution, the Xiaomi Xiaoyi YI Smart…

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The Five non-Apple phones to replace your Samsung Galaxy Note7 in Singapore

stopping the sale and production of the Galaxy Note7

So your Samsung Note 7 just exploded and you’re not feeling adventurous enough to buy another one? Or maybe, you’re one of those patient ones who waited for reviews to come out and saved your hard-earned money from burning up into thick smoke. Literally. Whatever the case be, if you are on a look-out for a new smartphone which gives you maximum value for money and if an iPhone somehow doesn’t excite you much, here is the list of 5 non-Apple phones that you should be considering: 1. Google Pixel…

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Top 5 Cheap and Awesome External Hard Drives to buy on AliExpress

cheap hard drive external aliexpress

An online shopping portal with endless variety, AliExpress is the market place that you’ve always dreamed of. If you are looking for External hard drives and are not sure where to buy them from, try AliExpress. With a large range of products that are not only affordable but also stylish, AliExpress is the best place to shop! Here are the top five External hard drives that you can purchase from the website • Samsung M3 2.5″ USB3.0 External Hard Drive Price: US $114.99 /piece (presently discounted at 40%) Rating: 4.8/5 The Samsung external…

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Top 5 Best Buy Mini Projectors on AliExpress

cheap projector aliexpress

An online global retail marketplace, AliExpress has been taking care of your needs since 2010. With customised products over a wide range of options, AliExpress is perhaps the most amazing online retail portal there is. It is a boon for everyone who look forward to convenient shopping without additional cost. With prices that are loveable, along with regular discounts, AliExpress is well known to make shopping easier for everyone all over the world. If you are looking for Mini Projectors and are not sure where to buy them from, try…

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Top 5 Fitness Wearable’s to Purchase at Amazon

fitbit flex

Fitness wearables are smart gadgets that can be worn on the body and help track and monitor your fitness better. They help in tracking workout routines, calorie counts, heart rate, sleep patterns, sleep counts, and other aspects of your health that you may want to keep a watch on. Although at one point it felt that Fitness wearables were going out of style, the gadgets have proven critics wrong and are back, bigger and better, than ever before! 1.    Xiaomi Mi Band 1S Pulse Heart Rate Price: $15.79 usd Rating:…

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5 Cheap and Awesome Headphone and Headset on Aliexpress

wireless headset

Our life has become simpler and considerably more interesting. Whatever your selection, you’ll be amazed at these innovations that are new and how it can benefit you. 1. Q7 Gaming Headset Product – General OVLENG Q7 USB Gaming Headphone Headset With Microphone and Volume Control For Computer Gamer Supper Bass Earphone Do the Q7 Gaming headset attempt? A low-priced headphone packaged with a force. It’s extremely perfect for having a dialogue as it supplies an excellent quality of music and sound at an extremely affordable price. It’s also an…

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Review of Samsung 360 Camera

samsung 360 review

The camera has gone through a transformation in the recent years and that is evident from all the products that have come out. In the Samsung Gear 360 we have the future of the camera. In the first look, it resembles the droid (BB-8) from the Star Wars movie and that gives it a futuristic finish. It also looks like a webcam that you could attach to the computer. How it looks The Samsung 360 is a circular device, which can be attached to a Tripod. It has dual lenses…

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3D LED Desk Light

led light

About this Dimmable 3d Night Light: Pattern: Novelty Warm Chinese Knot Lamp 3d LED Desk Light Light  Color: White(Cool white), Gold(warm white), red, blue, green (Choose by yourself, Please leave a messge in the order too) Base: White & Square PC Base with USB Connector Material for Lamp Pane: Arcliy Glass Pane LED Light Source: This wonderful lamp has LED chips as the light source, this gives the light a life span of more than 50,000 hours, it’s definately a lamp that will last a lifetime Compatibility: The lamp is compatible with any USB power making…

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Android Tablet PCs 9.7″ IPS Air Retina Screen USD175.60

android tablet

Android Tablet 9.7inch with Retina Screen from China. It is evident that smartphones have become something that everyone owns. The same is happening with mobile android tablet. The Apple iPad is popular but not everyone feels it is affordable to purchase such an expensive equipment. This makes increasingly more consumers to turn to the world’s biggest manufacturers- China, to find cheaper alternatives. But can it be good to save money and buy a cheap China made product? Everyone has their own perspectives when comes to purchasing from Aliexpress – China…

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