How to find Brands and their Replicas on Aliexpress – Easy Guide

finding aliexpress brand and replica

You probably will realise you are not able to big-name brands on the This is due primarily to the fact that high-quality replicas by Chinese manufacturers can not use the original brand-name for violating the law on protecting the rights of the trademarks. In this post , we have tried to collect your favorite brands as well as the short codes of one used by vendors to simplify your search for Aliexspress Brands and Replicas.   Adidas Adidas / Adey / Adi / Addas / Adids / Shampooers / Casual Search…

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How to tell originals from replicas on Aliexpress?

aliexpress replica vs orginal

There is a lot of debate going on among the customers whether the products on Aliexpress are real. Are they just replica Aliexpress?  This has been a hot topic among the customers for a long time now that is why we thought to shed some light on it. We are writing this article so that you can understand the differences among the originals and replicas Aliexpress. If you spend some time on the Aliexpress website, you will soon be able to notice the differences between the originals and the fakes….

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A Guide to Buy the Most Suitable Shoes in Aliexpress 2017


Shoes make you complete. It’s the last thing that you add to your style, personality, and outlook. The kinds of shoes you wear also reveal the person that you are. And with the varieties of show brands, models, sizes and styles, AliExpress has been the perfect destination for getting your desired shoes. Here, you can get your favorite footwear at 75% cheaper rate, compared to other shops and retails. Having said this, let’s have a look at a comprehensive guide and review to purchase shoes on the famous online platform…

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Alibaba vs Aliexpress: What Makes Them Different?

difference between alibaba and aliexpress and are two well-renowned online portals selling varieties of products including machinery and industrial goods, electronic products, health and beauty, clothes, gift items, and daily consumables. Where specializes in global wholesale trade, where businesses can purchase goods in larger quantities; is the retail section of Alibaba and sells goods in smaller quantities. The key differences between the two portals can summarized through the following points: 1. B2B and B2C is a global B2B portal where most of the purchasers are trading firms, manufacturers, and resellers….

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Aliexpress India Review 2017

aliexpress india review

We are living in a digital age and our shopping habits reflect that. Online shopping has become a rage in the past few years, with more and more people turning to it. As the number of e-commerce sites increase, shoppers have got more options to choose from, at competitive prices. Now, Indian shopoholics have another reason to rejoice as the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has entered the Indian markets. Though the attractive product listings and wallet-friendly pricing on its retail site, Aliexpress, might tempt you beyond control, you should always…

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Things you should know while shopping on Aliexpress

shopping tips on aliexpress

The site is in fact featured on the main site. It is on the web also. You have to be aware of which sites are providing the best prices because the majority of them are able to wind up charging you a bomb on your charge card. The majority of these internet shopping websites are in fact reputable and don’t mind giving you those tremendous discounts. This article can help you choose which to use. Because you’re sourcing from Aliexpress, your order is most likely not big enough…

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What does it mean when your Aliexpress order becomes a ‘Frozen Order’?

aliexpress frozen order page

Aliexpress is the retail e-commerce arm of Alibaba and one of the best e-commerce sites in the world with a wide variety of products. So what are the different statuses of an Aliexpress Order? In the image above we’ve marked the important aspects of an Aliexpress Order. After Signing in, you can check out my orders. And in your orders section you can see Order Number Entering your order number, you will be able to find out the status of your product Tracking Number Entering the tracking number you will…

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Aliexpress Vs Amazon – an Overview

aliexpress shopping

Amazon’s financials are extremely different. It is a market place used by thousands of sellers. Amazon is an internet retailer that provides extremely competitive pricing. It doesn’t offer low shipping cost to Nigeria even for items they might ship directly. The Do’s and Don’ts of Aliexpress Vs Amazon For example, Aliexpress is becoming more and more famous the Western world because of low rates. If you inhabit in Canada, then you’re probably familiar of too. You used in order to discover thousands of Daniel Wellington replicas in AliExpress, however…

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A Deadly Mistake Uncovered on Buying from Aliexpress and How to Avoid It

aliexpress shopping

A Deadly Mistake Uncovered on Buying from Aliepxress and How to Avoid It The Unexpected Truth About Buying from Aliepxress The largest benefit of purchasing a YSL bag Aliexpress is that you could run into a few really fine sellers that provide great customer support and are prepared to send you plenty of pictures before you purchase it. Since aliexpress is actually a website for a myriad of merchants selling stuffs, you’re bound to fulfill a bad one, like ebay. Should you be buying from AliExpress for the very first…

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Do’s and Don’ts of shopping on AliExpress

dos and donts on aliexpress shopping

Do’s and Don’ts of shopping on AliExpress. [warning: long post] I have been buying stuff from China for a little over a year and a half now, and I have tried several websites. My main concerns were: Not to be scammed (e.g. pay and never see the product). Not to be “catfished” (e.g. pay for one thing, and then get something different). I have shopped online before, and got bitten a few times. I started with the most popular sites like eBay and Amazon, but I have quickly learned that…

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How to Escalate AliExpress Dispute?

aliexpress disputes

How to Escalate AliExpress Dispute? AliExpress is an awesome marketplace. The prices are low, and the product abundance is mindblowing. If you follow these safety tactics, the risks should be minimal. But what happens, when the things go South? Let’s find out. How to Escalate AliExpress Dispute? To this day, I have 270 orders on AliExpress. Some of them have more than one product and shipment; but to avoid confusion, let’s say there were 270 individual products. Out of these 270, not a single one has been lost in the mail – all…

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Is it safe to use my credit card on AliExpress?

safe to use aliexpress with credit card

Is it safe to use my credit card on AliExpress? Concerns over safety of your credit/debit card are not justfied. Credit cards and identity thefts happen, and generally you should be wary about where and how you enter your card number. So, is it OK to use your credit card on AliExpress? Is it safe to use credit/debit card on AliExpress? The answer is, generally yes, but it depends. TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT: I use my personal credit card on AliExpress; and I have always been, since the day I started shopping…

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